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'How to Adapt Agile Methodologies to run Project-Based Businesses'

Forecast’s final webinar of the year is going to be discussing how to adapt Agile Methodologies to run Project Based Businesses, a famously complex process! 

Every organisation has a different definition of “agile” and when trying to deliver physical things to clients within a project timeline can be made much more complex when trying to be “true agile”.

The intention is to bring together a great, varied panel to discuss:

  • Selling the benefits of agile and setting customer expectations
  • Structuring your team, priorities, and ceremonies
  • Modifying agile to fit your project and delivery needs

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Learn more about our speakers:

Peta Kennett-Wilson

Programme Director at InCrowd 

Peta has over a decade of experience delivering business critical digital projects and programmes of work in project management, client services and consultancy roles. She’s worked within agile frameworks (Scrum, Kanban, SAFe), waterfall and hybrid methodologies client-side, agency-side and in-house.

In her role as Programme Director at InCrowd, she’s charged with creating high performing delivery teams and creating the environment for success.

Peta is also a passionate speaker on soft skills within project management and delivery, with a special interest in project leadership and commercials.


Glenn More 

Studio Manager at Hallam 

Glenn has worked in the creative industries for over 20 years in diverse roles that have included graphic designer, product photographer, project manager and now studio manager. During this time he has worked on a wide range of in-house consumer products and agency side digital projects using critical path, waterfall and agile methodologies.

In his role as Studio Manager at Hallam, he bridges the the delivery teams and project management, making sure the right work is completed, by the right people ensuring the commercial goals of Hallam and their clients are met.

EB Novak 

Account Director at Forecast  

I’m a Texan living in London, with a passion to help teams use software to make their lives better, but platforms support people processes.

On the webinar I’m excited to partner with InCrowd and Hallam on how they’ve taken the benefits of working agile and applied it to projects. The iterative nature of agile has been proven benefits and is often expected by clients. The problem is that true agile doesn’t have a fixed scope or timeline, but projects do.

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