Finally, a platform for agile teams & the execs

Agile development teams work in story points, and the rest of the company works in billable hours. Forecast is the Universal Translator* that converts nerd-speak into suit-speak and brings everyone together for maximum cohesion and profitability.

*It’s a Star Trek reference. Ask your developers

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Get everyone to speak the same language

Forecast translates story points into finances and resources without forcing anyone to use the same terms.



Work agile, bill agile

Forecast offers the industry’s best retainer functionality, designed from the ground up to show you in real time whether you’re earning money or burning it - so you’ll never have to write off work again.

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Never miss another deadline again

Use the platform that automatically translates your agile data into business metrics giving you visibility into the entire roadmap & capacity.

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Eliminate the work about work stuff

Spend less time maintaining and more time producing results. With automatically generated reports, you gain real-time visibility into the entire project and potential issues.

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Work the way you want to

Whether your project teams prefer Sprints or Kanban, or just want to keep Jira, make it so. Forecast enables you to align around a common goal and ensures everyone knows what they are building towards.


Don’t rip and replace

Integrate Forecast with your existing tool stack to keep all your departments in sync. 

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Adopting the agile methodology and using Forecast actively to support that has, from a company perspective increased our team efficiency by 30% & increased the customer happiness.

Drew — VP of Project Management
Paul Consulting

Set a course for successful projects

Stay on top of your projects, resources, and finances while working truly agile
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