BIMA X Forecast Hangout | Where's the profit?

Forecast partnered with BIMA (British Interactive Media Association) to host an esteemed webinar panel of agency leaders. Throughout the panel discussion they each shared their experiences navigating through pandemic and how they turned surviving into thriving to become more profitable that they ever expected.

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“BIMA X Forecast Hangout | Where's the profit? 

Fill out the form to hear from Amanda Leat, COO at Tommy, Sophie Wooler Dent, Director of Digital Transformation at Croud, Nick Towers, CEO at Sagittarius, Caroline Goodwin, Operations Director at Tangent and Rob Massa, CRO at Forecast.

Each of these leaders chose to put profit to one side throughout the pandemic, instead focusing more on people and streamlining processes to get the job done in the challenging COVID19 environment.

What was very hard at first became an asset to each of these agencies and actually helped them to boost profitability - watch the session to find out how!

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