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Everyone hates to register time. When working in a fast-paced environment, time registrations tend to be made on the last day of the week or even the last day of the month. People rarely like to report time and talk about it as the necessary evil.

Nevertheless, when running a business that bills every hour, management knows how important it is that everyone gets it right. Timesheets, filled in a timely manner, set the reporting mechanisms in motion, for you to see how your projects progress in real time and how you can make better decisions in the future.

If not submitted properly every day, lazy time entries threaten stakeholder satisfaction and, in the end, the company's overall profitability. Although it's mostly management that sees the direct impact of time registrations on the bottom line, it's crucial to have employees understand why they need to fill in their timesheets.

Let's face it, fun it will never be. But what if time registrations could be the most intuitive and fastest part of your team's day? So easy that they almost wouldn't hate it and, vice versa, love to fill in their task cards with time spent?


Introducing Timesheets with a decent goal

Well, promising you that you won't think about registering time isn't the case here, but what we can do is guarantee that it's way easier, faster, and with a greater goal than it used to be. Come to think of it as of a small change that helps you go a long way. As one of our customers is saying:

The team is finding Timesheets very user-friendly, the interface is a lot more modern, built-in to the project. Previously, they didn't understand why they had to fill in the timesheets. Now, they can see the effect of not filling in. – Stacey McKinstry, Etain

Working in Forecast, all of us register hours – we take our own medicine, so to speak. Project managers use the time entries to follow the project progress closely. The finance team uses them to identify areas that can be streamlined and run more economically. The senior management, in turn, knows which areas can be optimized to grow the company. 

From a management perspective, time registrations help to see the problems before they become disasters. Thanks to the interconnectivity of the platform, they are used to highlight the correlation between the planned work and the actual work being done and spot if things start to steer away.

New intelligent and revamped Timesheets to log time

With the new Timesheets, we are introducing a visually appealing page where you can register time either in a month, week, or a day view. You decide. But that's just the basics. On the Timesheets, the AI is also playing its part. It will suggest tasks and time clues relevant to each individual in your company. Just hit the field and add the numbers.

Standard (1)

There’s also another way of having the tasks displayed. With toggles, you can register times on tasks with Recent activity, the one you've Planned, or the Tasks in Progress. And if you don't find the relevant Task, just add it in the time entry modal.

If you prefer to get an overview of the entire month, you can use a calendar view and mark a specific day or even a week you want to register time on.

Team Timesheets for a holistic overview

Managing a team of cool specialists, being in charge of the entire organization, you do have to get a chrome-plated overview, preferably in one big picture. Managers, controllers, and Admins now have this opportunity. Just hit the Team Timesheets page, and see all your team members and how many hours they've registered per day and per week.

Team (1)

But that's just the holistic snapshot. By clicking on each member, you can drill down to see what tasks they've registered time on.

If someone’s missing their time registrations, you can send an email directly to the person that has forgotten to register time with a kind reminder to have them do it. 

Sounds simple – that’s how it is! We want employees to log time faster and spend more time on what they are best at. Try what you’ve just read by starting a free 14-day trial below.

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I'm the Product Marketing Manager at Forecast dedicated to helping companies build a sustainable future by bringing AI to their everyday. Not only is AI the future, but it's also a way to eliminate the hassle of administrative tasks. Who doesn't like getting rid of that?

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