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Be faster, better and agile with the Right Project Management Solution


Why use a project management solution? Picking the right project solution to estimate, plan, organize and run your projects is key to consistently finishing them on time and within budget. Using a dedicated solution lets you do the critical project management steps more efficiently than using a notepad or a spreadsheet.

Using a fit-for-purpose solution enables:

  • Spotting problems early, not after it's too late to fix them
  • Optimizing the use of resources so you can finish as early as possible
  • Understanding and overview of all the resources, priorities, work and commitments
  • Ensuring that decisions are made based on current data and not stale data that was collected weeks ago
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting that let you drill down into work items, stories and see progress on their associated tasks or defects

No matter what size your project is, you should use a project management solution to save time and quickly get the data you need. It is valuable on small projects and a necessity on larger projects. Using a project management solution will enable your organization to become more agile, faster and better performing.

People who try to manage projects using a notepad or spreadsheets literally can waste hundreds of hours, even on a small project. A resourcing spreadsheet that often crashes and is constantly lagging behind on current data is of little value in any size of project.

Keeping track of your backlog with an entire team working on items simultaneously is almost impossible to maintain manually. And getting the overview of which projects are profitable or not is just too much work to ever get done. Or imagine manually getting an overview of cross-project visibility, when it can be done with a click of a button...

But outgrowing and/or upgrading from manual spreadsheets to a state-of-the-art solution shouldn't be complicated.

A survey on the buyers of project management solutions

A survey made by Software Advice, with about 400 project management solution buyers, shows some interesting results.

Current methods


Current methods

  • Almost half of small-business buyers (46%) were currently using manual methods (e.g., email, Excel or pen and paper) to track and organize their projects
  • Among those prospective buyers who expressed a deployment preference, 100% indicated a desire to purchase a Web-based application
  • Most top-requested applications (in particular, time tracking, task management and resource management) are tied to project profitability or revenue

Since most buyers are in leadership roles and not solely project managers they want to ensure that there's a clear connection between projects and overall business objectives. This means that buyers are looking out for features such as project and task management, time tracking, resource management, reporting, agile boards etc.

Top requested features


Top requested features

Of the surveyed, 41% are looking to improve efficiency and accuracy with a new project management system, making this the most-cited reason. The vast majority of software buyers in the sample (88%) were interested in purchasing an integrated suite.

Integration preferences


Integration preferences

Task management (requested by 52% of buyers) and resource management (requested by 41%) are tools companies can use to help make sure they’re distributing tasks and using company resources efficiently. These requests are not unique to small-business buyers, but reflect a larger trend across the market in ensuring profitable projects.

Top paint points to solve


Top pain points

Some of the top pain points to solve also substantiate the features requested, such as improving efficiency and accuracy. Also, obtaining an end-2-end solution since missing functionality is a huge pain point as well as consolidation of systems, to a lesser degree. This to reduce switching between systems and data re-entry.

All in all, super interesting stats that clearly shows that users and buyers are looking for complete solutions that are easy to use and cover a broad spectrum of functionality out of the box.



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