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Are your developers satisfied with JIRA, but the rest of your team struggling to get the hang of it? At least that’s the case for many of our users. JIRA is popular among developers, but not exactly the perfect fit for management.

That’s why we decided to build an integration with JIRA. This integration lets your developers stay in the comfort of JIRA, while management can move onto a more visual, structured solution designed with these people in mind. The Forecast integration takes care of everything, and makes sure that data is up-to-date and in-sync between the two platforms.

More specifically, it syncs your people scheduling, project planning, estimates, time tracking, and the high level portfolio overview with current development tasks and issues. Easily estimate and plan new features in Forecast, and they’ll automatically get synchronized to your developers in JIRA. Thereby, you get an overview and perspective in Forecast, while the development tasks are directly handled in JIRA as usual.

Forecast will then function as your hub for utilization of your team, capacity and allocation. Use the ‘quick book’ feature to find a free developer with expertise in JavaScript and React in an instant. Book the person in a matter of seconds. Plan your sprints, control your budget, and watch the progress as it happens with our live insights and reports customized to your needs.

Additionally, Forecast adds a level of artificial intelligence. The AI is built to assist you in planning and estimating your work, while also automating some of the boring processes that you would normally do on a daily basis as a project manager. Hopefully making your life slightly better day by day.

We made a video to help get you started. Here, it's Jacek introducing the integration:


If you have any problems getting started, please read our Help Center article, otherwise we’re always ready for a chat through the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner.

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Hello! I'm Kasper, and I'm doing Marketing at Forecast. Apart from that, I enjoy experimenting with various projects to see where my imagination brings me.

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