Danish Graduates can Grow Start-ups! – But can they start one?


We've recently helped some skilled students with input to a masters level university project and we thought that might be interesting to share.

The project was named: Danish Graduates can Grow Start-ups! – But can they start one?

Abstract from the report:

Entrepreneurship is widely recognised as an important part of stimulating economic growth, and following the economic downturn, which is pushing graduates into unemployment, high-growth entrepreneurs are highly sought after. Therefore, this project will seek to answer the problem formulation; HOW CAN DANISH GRADUATES SUCCESSFULLY GROW THEIR START-UP COMPANIES?
Based on seven interviews with graduates, who have all started their own company, and a critical examination of theoretical literature, four themes were identified: entrepreneurship, organisational life cycle, marketing, and networking. The analysis uncovered that graduates can use entrepreneurial spirit, marketing, and networking in growing the start-up company, and need to overcome different challenges depending on the organisational life cycle stage. Moreover, the discussion highlights how the educational system trains graduates to follow a specific mindset, which inhibits the entrepreneurial process. The project concludes that the graduates’ qualifications to grow a start-up company increases, as the company progresses.

The study critically examined seven start-up companies founded by Danish graduates, and their ability to grow a start-up, including EMP Group/Forecast.it.

Foremost, the conclusions were that, yes, they can of course start great companies and they are no different from other types of start-up founders.

It's important to focus on the following things to become a successful entrepreneur and grow a company accordingly:

  • The ability to perceive change as an opportunity rather than a risk, as well as a high tolerance of risk and uncertainties
  • Having high work ethics is a precondition for success, seeing that long hours are required
  • The ability to bounce back and surpass adversity
  • A positive underlying motivation
  • The ability to discover and exploit opportunities, as well as an enthusiasm about creating something new

Personal abilities and motivational drive is of the utmost importance for charging a company towards success.


The whole project can be found through this link:


It's an interesting read, we recommend a download, and we're always happy to help students with good projects.

Congratulations to Agnieszka, Kirsten and Jasmine with their good grade!

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