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Forecast Named 'Best Project Management Software' by Capterra

Forecast mascot Nova celebrating our listing on eleven different Capterra shortlists!

It goes without saying that we at Forecast believe in the value of what we are creating. We’re not just seeking to do one better than the competition; we are motivated by something bigger: a mission to make work simpler, reclaim time back from repetitive admin, and give people more bandwidth for ideation and creativity. Every time a new customer chooses us to run their projects, we’re confident that they will love the results.

But it’s one thing when the hype is coming from us. What really gets us excited is when others speak to the value of what we’re doing, too. That’s why we’re delighted to announce that Forecast has been listed on not one, but eleven Capterra Shortlists this year, including bagging joint first place as a ‘Top Performer’ in Best Project Management Software and Best Task Management Software!

Capterra rankings are independent assessments based on real user feedback and interest in the software, making them a trusted indication of what it’s really like to use a software platform. To get a top rating, your customers need to be giving you 5-star reviews. This isn’t just based on theoretical ‘nice to haves’. These are real testimonies from real people who use our platform every day

“The Project Management Software that Organizations Actually Enjoy Using”

There are over 50,000 B2B software products listed on Capterra, but with an overall user rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, Forecast is one of the top-rated products. 

According to Capterra, we’re “the Project Management software that organizations actually enjoy using.” And, as we’re on a mission to make work simpler, reclaim time back from repetitive admin, and give people more bandwidth for ideation and creativity, we’re thrilled to hear that people enjoy using our platform. It tells us that we are on the right path to making our vision a reality.

Check out the full list of categories that we ranked in:

Customer experience is at the heart of what we do, which is why it means so much to receive recognition based on what our customers are saying. We work closely with our customers to deliver world-class implementation so that every user can get the most out of Forecast, and our customer support is second to none. To start a conversation with our team and experience our platform for yourself, sign up for a free trial today.


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