Introducing the Forecast Academy

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Forecast Academy - a brand new learning portal that will let Forecast users take their knowledge of the platform to a whole new level. The Academy will complement our existing onboarding processes for new users, helping them increase their expertise even further.

The Forecast Academy offers a range of self-driven courses that users can complete at their own pace including regular testing checkpoints. Users can work towards obtaining a certification with a verified link, which can then be displayed on their LinkedIn profile or included as part of their Continuous Professional Development.

Our mission at Forecast is to help people do the best work of their lives by unlocking the power of intelligence. The Forecast Academy is the next step in ensuring that all users are able to maximize the amount of time they spend on the work that really matters by keeping their skills razor sharp. 


The Forecast Academy gives individual users the opportunity to enhance their transferable skills and obtain proof of their own professional development, while organizations that enroll their teams in the Forecast Academy can ensure they are continuously upskilling and maximizing the value they get from the Forecast platform.

Access to the Academy will be via annual subscription with unlimited usage for 12 months. This includes access to all courses and unlimited attempts at certification. Each user will have their own unique account and will be able to enroll themselves into courses and manage their own progress.

The content available in the Academy will include:

  • Four courses at launch, including ‘Collaborator’ and ‘Coordinator’ certifications, as well as two on Advanced Analytics (AvA), our embedded analytics solution.
  • New content every quarter, covering a diverse range of relevant topics.
  • Video content, quizzes and final assessments to create an engaging learning experience.

Access to the Forecast Academy is now available to existing Forecast customers, so if you are interested in a subscription please get in touch with your Forecast Customer Success Manager for further details.

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