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Meet our Intern - Jiali

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Briefly describe yourself and where you're from, what you study etc.

I am a Chinese, who is a barrel of laugh in Forecast. I am very out-going, like smiling, and am always interested in high technology. I like to work in and growing up with energetic start up, especially in IT industry, so I have much space to show my talent.

I have lived in several countries for a long time and can speak several languages. I have lived in Germany for 5 years for studying electrical engineering and also working. Then I went to France to study master of marketing for 2 years. Now I am in Forecast in Denmark to begin my new career.

With several years’ oversea experience, I am very tough when I face difficulties. Instead of fear I always think about solution, and always keep humorous.



What would I be doing if I wasn’t interning at Forecast?

To save the world is as important as working in Forecast. I will prepare to save the world if I can’t enter Forecast.



What one word describes my childhood?

“Happy”. I am so lucky that I was born in Hangzhou, which combines modern with amazing beautiful scenery, and the most important is the people in Hangzhou are very nice.





How do I wind down after work?

I always go to gym, and like making friends with different culture background to learn languages. Trying food from different countries is the thing I always like to do, so that I can be strong and knowledgeable to save the world.

If I was to tell one person “Thank You” for helping me become the person I am today, who would it be and why?

My CEO Dennis. He gives me a job to stop my crazy idea and prevent me from saving the world.


What movie or fictional character do I most identify with?

I like the French movie “Jeux d'enfants”. It is very interesting to know the different culture via movies. Of course, superman is my idol.



What's the thing I enjoy doing the most?

I enjoy team work. I like working in group to communicate and exchange ideas with others, and thinking of solution together.

If you really knew me, you'd know _____.

I am a multi language speaker, and like to explore different culture and new high technology.

If I were to start a company from scratch, what values would I build it on?

Be sensible to trend of technology and marketing. Then take action.

What's the number one thing I want to achieve in life?

Loving my family.

What characteristic do I most admire in others?

I admire people who have strong sense of team spirit and always keep studying. Keeping optimistic is also very important.

What superpower would I like to have?

I wish I could predict the future as forecast can.

What’s the most important lesson I’ve learned in the last year?

I have learned a lot from living in Europe alone. To be tough and strong, and always think about solution and keep optimistic when facing difficulties, is the most important lesson for me.

How do I act when I'm stressed out?

I will go swimming.

Sports or other activities?

I like swimming and playing badminton.

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Hello! I'm Kasper, and I'm doing Marketing at Forecast. Apart from that, I enjoy experimenting with various projects to see where my imagination brings me.

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