Multiple Parallel Teams and New Insights


Multiple teams with multiple parallel running sprints

Multiple parallel teams and sprints

It’s now possible to have multiple teams with multiple parallel sprints running at the same time in a single project.

This makes it easy to keep a single backlog for a project with multiple teams. It ensures that everyone is allocated on the same project and has full visibility in planning and running the project.

Employee Utilization Report

The new employee utilization report shows both current and future actual and planned hours and utilization. No more fiddling with spreadsheets to figure out if employees are living up to the target or if they have enough to work on. It’s possible to filter by name, role and team to easily find the people you’re looking for as well as seeing their current target.

Rich text fields in stories and tasks

We’ve implemented rich text fields in all descriptions for stories and tasks to make it easier to create easy to read requirements. This increases the flexibility of the fields so users are not restricted to use a certain format.

Filtering, recurring, splitting and holidays in Resource Planning

Due to popular demand it’s now possible to filter the resource plan by name, project, role and team. This makes it super fast to find the people you need. Also it’s very easy to see who’s over allocated and resolve conflicts. It’s possible to split an allocation in case you want to reschedule or add an allocation in between existing allocations. Last but not least company and other official holidays can now be registered and viewed so these do not count in the allocation calculations.

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My name is Niels Frederiksen and I’m co-founder and lead developer in Forecast.

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