Custom Permissions Profiles | a Flexible Way to Manage Users

Between individual collaborators, Project Managers, contractors and freelancers, clients and other external stakeholders, you might have hundreds of users interacting with Forecast on a daily basis. But there’s a lot of sensitive data in your Forecast workspace. With all those users floating around in there, you need to operate a tight ship.

Since day one, we’ve been conscious of data security and permissions. We recognize how crucial it is for you to feel confident using Forecast. Knowing that users can only view and change areas of the platform that they need to makes operating with surety a lot easier. 

Our existing permissions settings already give you the tools to keep everything under tight control, granting each user a specific set of access rights. But we’re all about giving Forecast users the ability to work even more flexibly and make the platform their own. That’s why our latest releases give you tons of new options for how you manage users within your Forecast workspace.

New Naming Structures

Client Permissions

Customized Permissions Profiles

New Naming Structures

Some of the most sensitive information in your workspace will be your financial data, and so our new naming structure gives you a new option for keeping this information secure from certain users. 

The former 'Manager' permission has been renamed to 'Coordinator' and a brand new ‘Manager’ permission has been created. The biggest difference is now the ‘Manager’ can see project revenue but the ‘Coordinator’ permission cannot see any financial information. This offers a new level of flexibility in what your users can and cannot see within Forecast.

Client Permissions

What are the biggest time-sinks for professional services organizations? Well, in our recent research into UK-based agencies, client management - particularly status and update meetings - kept cropping up as a major area where time was spent.

Staying in good communication with your clients is, of course, absolutely vital in order to deliver a top-quality experience. But if it consistently absorbs a significant amount of time, you stand to gain by looking at ways to streamline the communication process.

Rather than pulling information from Forecast to send to your client, save yourself time by simply adding them to Forecast as a guest user. And if that sounds a bit risky - if you’d rather not show your hand too much with unfettered access to your project plan, for instance - there’s no need to worry. Client Permissions solves exactly that problem!

With Client Permissions, you select what information is accessible to clients - meaning that you can limit their oversight to just the areas of the platform that you want them to see.

Customized Permissions Profiles

Though we get excited about the possibilities for every function in Forecast - whether it’s brand new or a classic feature - we know how it is: some of your team just don’t need access to everything on the platform. In these cases, it makes sense to hide these areas so they don’t cause clutter and confusion for the team members that won’t be using them. 

This is what we set out to achieve with our existing default permissions profiles. And while these default profiles will cover most needs, your business might require something more flexible.

That’s where the idea for customized permissions profiles came from. As a user with Admin permissions, you will be able to create totally custom permissions profiles by choosing which functions and features are active in that profile. Create specific profiles for each role within your organization if needed - there’s no limit on the number of permissions profiles you can create. If you need to get super specific, now is your chance!

Your team members will get full functionality and access to all the areas they need to interact with, while areas they don’t need to see can be deactivated for them. They’ll benefit from a less cluttered workspace, and a more straightforward interaction with Forecast tailored to their particular role within the team.

This feature is available to our Plus customers. To learn more, book a demo with one of our team.  

You’re in Control

With these new, expanded permissions settings, you’ll find the flexibility to tailor your Forecast workspace even more. Feel confident that your users are only accessing exactly what they need from Forecast. To learn more, just get in touch with a member of our team.

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