Forecast Moves to the New Office to Support Continued Growth

As Forecast is scaling by leaps and bounds, we’re happy to announce the relocation of one of our key offices to the new place at Valkendorfsgade 13, 1151 Copenhagen. This is the 4th time in 4 years that we expand the CPH office!

Forecast, the leading AI-native project and resource management platform, represents the most advanced technology ever applied to managing projects, resources, and finances. To keep bringing advanced state-of-the-art technology to professional services companies, we’re planning to double the talent by 2021. So we couldn’t be more excited to continue the journey in a bigger rocketship.

Our new domicile in Valkendorfsgade is 4x bigger than the previous one. To support the continued growth of the product, development, customer experience, marketing, and admin teams, we will have two connected buildings with four spacious floors, located in a quiet back yard, but in the centre of everything.

For you, this will only mean a better, more intelligent, and solid product, as the new downtown office will become the motto of technical innovation in project operations. For us, it’s more space for laser-focused work and more rooms for collaboration and productive meetings. The new workplace will reflect our strategy to make quantum leaps and build towards excitement, one project at a time. 

Not so long ago, Forecast opened a new office in London, the hub of commercial talent. As we continue building our team and invite talented people, you’re welcome to check our open positions

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