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The Tale of Forecast

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Once upon a time 4 Computer Science wizkids studying at the University of Copenhagen was engaged in an industry collaboration with one of the largest Nordic Financial Institutions, let's call it NFI.

NFI had a problem, a very large one in fact. NFI was running around 40-50 IT development projects simultaneously and had considerable problems delivering them within budget, scope and on time. Since NFI had around 100+ project managers, getting an overview of projects, estimating them correctly, gathering and leveraging experiences and best practices was a hard feat to accomplish.

After all, 33% of all IT projects overspend!

To help alleviate this large and unwieldy problem, that was causing a lot of pain and hampering transparency in the organization, the 4 wizkids where challenged to come up with a software solution for how to handle this in a structured and simple way. The team gladly accepted the challenge and set on their way of helping solve NFI's problems. After 6 months of intensive research the solution was presented to NFI and very well received. A project well done!

"But wait a minute, this couldn't just be a problem for an organization like NFI?", the 4 wizkids thought to themselves.

Crafting enterprise software in the basement

After a vast amount of research studies, the 4 found this to be a reccurring problem for an incredible amount of companies, both large and small.

As a spin off and based on this research, the 4 founded together. They all had a strong wish for creating great and simple solutions for tackling complex problems, like the case in this often overlooked niche. It all started out, as these things tend to do, in a basement, in the eastern part of Copenhagen at the Katapult incubator of the University of Copenhagen.

The prototype delivered to NFI was re-built using enterprise tech. standards (Java and the likes) on a budget that could fit into a matchbox. No easy task, so everybody agreed to put all their spare time and money they had on the table, rolled their sleeves up and started creating.

Things started moving. A 2nd place in the National Danish Venture Cup, a few trips to Silicon Valley, establishment of new project maturation projects, among others with the largest Nordic Payment Provider (PP).

Now open as a fully fledged Enterprise solution that enables even the smallest of companies to run successful projects by using the power of the cloud. Agile project estimation and execution for everyone!

Growing, but still agile

Quickly the 4 became 5, 5 became 6, and now there's 7 of us. All with different fields of expertise but with the same desire and longing for helping companies and organizations succeed with their projects.

We consider ourselves a small, but fast and capable, speedboat in a sea of tankers. We don't practice heavy bureaucracy, long drawn decisions, and backstabbing politics. We just want to build the best and coolest solutions to help our customers in the best possible way.

As you can see, the story has not yet come to an end as we continue working hard and rocking on, but now at least, you know a little about our history and the basic premise for our founding.

With us you always get personal service and we look forward to helping you soon! :)

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My name is Dennis Kayser and I’m CEO and co-founder of Forecast. I enjoy helping our customers succeed by building great and innovative software that supports teams in their daily work.

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