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My Story: Why I Joined Forecast

Rob Massa

What gets me out of bed every morning is the opportunity to scale startups to new heights. As some of you may or may not know, this spring I made a decision to join Forecast as a Chief Revenue Officer. I spent the last 4.5 incredible years at BounceX helping scale the company growth from $15M ARR to $100M ARR – what an experience! Never did I think that when asked to move to London to scale BounceX globally in EMEA, I would end up staying this long, especially for a new opportunity.

As I directly managed the phenomenal company growth in EMEA these last two years, I could hardly imagine turning my head elsewhere. When I was approached by Forecast to work the same magic, things were going well at BounceX, and making a leap was obviously the last thing I could think of. I decided to look further into the Forecast platform because BounceX was a project heavy enterprise, but I knew no one was ever thrilled with our software for project and resource management. What kept my attention was Forecast’s complete suite of functionalities developed to stand up against the challenges service industries experience way too often. I assumed there was a void in the market to fill and I wasn’t wrong. 


Why I was excited to join Forecast

Meeting Dennis, Forecast’s CEO in the UK, I immediately started buying into his vision of automating administrative tasks and eliminating human error. Soon after, I flew to the headquarters in Copenhagen to meet the rest of the team. I was equally impressed with how incredibly talented and focused everyone was. Their drive to make Forecast a unicorn was inspiring. I remember thinking on my flight back home what a massive growth story Forecast could be and that I would be lucky to help lead that charge. After making my pros and cons list (I highly recommend this for every major life decision), there were three turning points that eventually charmed me into becoming part of the Forecast team.

1) Product front and center. Most SaaS companies are built with spending their early investments on trying to grow sales and marketing as quickly as possible which generally results in the product suffering. Forecast has done the opposite and has spent 80% of their funding on Product and Engineering to create a best-in-class product before going aggressively to the market. This puts Forecast way ahead of all of the other legacy players in the industry and was music to a commercial brain like myself. Only checking its work automation features, you’ll be surprised by how strong and outstanding the platform is. 

2) Rapid growth despite the lack of commercialization and GTM. There are tons of low hanging fruit that will lead Forecast to exponential growth once the people and processes are in place. I couldn’t believe Forecast already had hundreds of clients with only inbounds leads! With no outbound function, the ceiling in Forecast is huge. Forecast has very little customer lifecycle process and a small sales team, but a massive addressable market. All of the above are quick fixes to make this business one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in Europe ASAP.

3) Intelligent, humble, and driven team. My time at BounceX has given me the opportunity to work with a lot of intelligent people and that was a requirement for me to make a move. The way the leadership team at Forecast meticulously plans the business, assures me that Forecast will become a winner soon and stir the competitive juices in the market.

Appointed to lead marketing, sales, and client services teams in the newly opened commercial office in London, we’ve already started to make great moves to implementing the commercial strategy. Although we are two offices now, where Copenhagen is mainly focused on Product Development, Product Positioning, and Engineering, we have already put measures in place to ensure that communication is paramount and we act as one.

Even only a week in, I am proud to be a Forecaster. It is rare that the new job opportunity is actually better than you thought it would be before joining, and this is exactly that. We are prime to be one of the fastest-growing startups in Europe in no time. The product coming first, combined with the driven and talented team, will enable us to accelerate the commercialization really quickly.


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