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Why I Joined Forecast: Charlotte Allen, Director of Revenue Operations

Charlotte Allen - Why I joined Forecast as Director of Revenue Operations

Prior to joining Forecast I had worked in Sales Operations roles for around 15 years, more specifically in SaaS companies for the past 6 years, covering SMB, Field and Enterprise, and in companies at varying stages of growth and development. I really enjoy solving challenges that force me to be creative, maybe also ones where I'm not a subject matter expert that requires me to educate myself, so I can grow and also make the best informed decision.

What has impressed me about Forecast, even just during the interview stage, is how everyone is clearly driving in the same direction. You often see how companies struggle because there is internal conflict due to not having a clear vision and objectives, but it is refreshingly clear at Forecast. I also believe strongly in the product, I love the fact that Forecast are carving out a new category, you'd be crazy not to want to be a part of that.

What is critical in a role like Revenue Operations is ensuring that we don’t sacrifice long-term efficiency for short term fixes. When companies scale at a rapid rate (like Forecast), it's VERY easy for the sake of speed, for departments to create a patchwork quilt of processes, or build a Tech Stack that ends up being a "Frankenstack" (a phrase I borrowed from my favourite rev ops person). These kinds of compromises inevitably impede rapid scaling and growth. 

I'm here to do the opposite of that, and help enable, optimise and accelerate growth and retention by driving alignment, rigor and accountability across People, Process, Technology and Data.

In my time so far at Forecast I have been really pleased to see just how united everyone is in striving to make Forecast a huge success. You can sense there's a huge amount of pride both individually and as a collective team. That makes me feel part of something pretty unique. I also like that it's clear we take diversity, equity and inclusion seriously, right from the off on day one, directly from our CEO during the intro meeting. It's not just treated as a box that needs to be ticked, it's ingrained in our culture.

As we grow I'm excited to be a part of the Forecast story, and help shape how we get to our next milestone and beyond, and I'm excited about my own personal growth as well and learning from colleagues who are at the top of their games

Outside of work, ironically I love a project! Whether that's upcycling some furniture or figuring out how to build a deck. I’m also a big fan of listening to podcasts or audiobooks, in particular when they’re about psychology and how the mind works. I also like to think I'm a dab hand in the kitchen, but don't we all :)

If you're looking for a role that blends insight and creativity, and encourages you to bring "oomph" to your work every day, Forecast's Revenue Operations team might be the right place for you! Check out our open positions, and if you see anything that excites you, get in touch.

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