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Why I Joined Forecast: Ellen Atkinson, Account Director

Ellen Atkinson: Why I Joined Forecast

I joined the Sales team here at Forecast in late November 2020 - overlapping with the lockdown season in London. It was the first time in my career becoming a part of the team remotely, so I’d like to share my experience and encourage great minds to come work with us!

Boarding the rocketship

What caught my attention with Forecast was how fast it was scaling. Rapid growth means a lot to me, as I’m always striving to be the very best version of myself, challenge myself, and reach new heights. For me, my job isn’t just a sales job, I need to believe in the company mission, and what we’re doing for our customers. 

I remember taking a look at the website in initial talks and thinking just how good it was and what an amazing chance it’d be to join the sales team in the first year of scaling. What might’ve been somewhat scary - leaving a stable job during a global pandemic to join a startup - didn’t feel that way at all. The whole team, including sales and executive leadership, met with me throughout the process, and we had a real transparent conversation about why they all made the move, which really sealed the deal and validated my decision. 

Joining a team from your laptop 

I’d never joined a team remotely before Forecast, or been home-based full time, so I was a little nervous about it! Those important few weeks are about relationship building and getting to know your colleagues, and I was a little hesitant as to how I’d do this over Zoom. Fast forward six weeks, and I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

The whole Forecast team was unbelievably welcoming - across every single department. They welcomed me on Slack on my first day, I met everyone virtually on my welcome on our monthly Town Hall on Day Two, and my onboarding buddy made sure I was connected and always had a friendly face to go to. 

It’s so strange to think that I’ve not actually met all these people I’m so close to yet. What’s also been great is the chance to chat with teams that I don’t collaborate with so much during our social hangouts. Weekly trivia quizzes are a good way to be not so serious!

Celebrating our wins

What I’ve really loved is our culture of celebrating each other. We’re a team-first company, and recognizing and giving shoutouts is a really important part of our day to day. One of my favorite times of the week is Friday Wins where we get together as a team and grab a drink to share our successes and shoutouts to who’s doing a great job. Having that as a weekly ritual really embeds that when we win, we win as a team. 

Sharing values

Just as important as the platform is to me is having real shared values that I identify with, and a healthy culture. We have three core values here at Forecast - Direct & Honest, Passionate & Proud, and Oopmh. One of my favorites is Direct & Honest. We have such a feedback-driven culture that everyone is open about their processes. It struck me so much in the sales team particularly, who’ve been a source of constant support and enablement. We’re always refining our processes, roleplaying with one another, and jumping on each other's calls to provide support. The coaching is constant!

Read more about our company mission and check our open positions here - sales, engineering, marketing - there’s plenty of hiring going on. I’m sure you’ll love it as much as we all do!

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