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Why I Joined Forecast: Gauri Pande, QA Manager

Before joining Forecast I had spent 15+ years working in telecom, consumer devices, financial services and web-application development in big multinational organizations across the globe. I started in development and testing and later took up leadership and advisory roles, setting direction and building roadmaps for legacy and modern products and platforms . 

"What led me to join Forecast was an interest in working very closely with product development teams on a product that would have an immense impact on people's day-to-day work life."  - Gauri

That led to some really good initial dialogue with the leadership team. I learned about the cutting edge AI-powered product Forecast had built on a technologically advanced stack which was on a journey to scale up. The  role and associated outcome and impact on customers of solving problems and putting smiles on faces made me very interested in the job.

At Forecast I lead a team of Quality Assurance and Test specialists and we are responsible for built-in quality of our product and implementing smarter and more efficient solutions for testing. We are not only an integrated part of the product development team but also support cross-team quality assurance and testing activities. We also have a great collaboration with our customer support team to be on top of issues they face and improvements they would like to see in our product

What excites me about working in Quality Assurance is the diversity of tasks, which is both fun and challenging. Sometimes we look at baselining and improving test automation, another day we are establishing data driven metrics, another day we might be doing some joint testing or collaborating with our support team to solve some customer issues and so on.

Quality Assurance is a very broad discipline covering many aspects of product development and testing. Enhancing the quality of the product and going that extra mile to align with the customer's perception of quality is something my team and I enjoy. 

"I've found all of my colleagues at Forecast to be open minded, highly skilled, knowledgeable & most importantly fun-loving. We all take immense pride in the way we contribute to building a great product." - Gauri

I believe Forecast is a great product and has an exciting roadmap to incorporate some really cool features. I am  excited about being part of the forthcoming journey and fulfilling our mantra of enabling our customers to do the best work of their lives.

I've also enjoyed getting involved in social events with my amazing colleagues at Forecast. These opportunities for team building and learning have inspired me to be even better as a person. One such event that has a special place in my heart was our volunteering day. We had the pleasure of visiting Sydhavnstippen, a green oasis in the Copenhagen that is home to free-roaming llamas, alpacas and sheep.  We swapped software for hardware, scything the land to help maintain the environment for humans and animals alike.

If you're looking for a role that encourages you to bring "oomph" to work every day, Forecast's Product team might be the right place for you! Check out our open positions, and if you see anything that excites you, get in touch.

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