Why I Joined Forecast: Jeff Boone, VP of Sales

One of the most rewarding aspects of reaching a senior leadership position is that you can look back over your journey to get there, at the highs, the lows, and the choices you made that paved the way. 

I joined Forecast in July 2022 as Vice President of Sales, a change that marked a new and exciting chapter in my journey.

When asked why I joined Forecast, my first thought was to answer just that: because it’s an exciting opportunity. But that’s only the short version of why I joined Forecast. For the full story, keep reading.

From Account Executive to VP of Sales

Today, I head up Forecast’s sales department and am responsible for all hiring across the London and New York sales teams. As sales are integral to business growth, and Forecast is growing at ​​an accelerated pace, I’m kept pretty busy.

Before I joined Forecast, I spent a decade working at TrustPilot and Braze, two incredibly innovative companies with very successful IPOs. As I joined TrustPilot as one of its earliest hires, I got a crash course in growing a company from a burgeoning start-up to an industry-leading heavyweight.

By the time I left in 2020, I had worked my way up to Director of Sales; it was then that I realized I wanted to be part of the process of transforming promising enterprises into well-respected names.

However, I also realized that understanding how to effectively sell a product and how to build a strong sales team is not enough to take on this challenge. I needed experience working with larger enterprises.

So, I joined Braze, a customer engagement platform, as Sales Director. Braze introduced me to the increasingly complex challenges that come with building complicated software. This opened my eyes to the value of innovative new solutions, especially those that help stitch together disparate business functions.

I decided my next role would be at a start-up that was building an innovative technology that solves a real customer problem. 

Solving real problems drew me to Forecast

I believe that the best sales professionals truly love the product they’re selling. So, when I was offered my position at Forecast, I knew it was a match made in heaven. 

From streamlining project management processes to facilitating intelligent data analysis, Forecast goes above and beyond to help organizations remove mundane "busy work" and free up time for productivity.

I was excited to apply my previous experience and make an immediate impact at Forecast, enabling us to scale. That’s the dream of any VP of Sales who’s hungry to roll up their sleeves and drive results.

I was looking for an organization that works with amazing tech, has a great culture, and is loved by its customers. I found that in Forecast.

My time at Forecast

I was recently asked if anything surprised me about Forecast. I was amazed that a company of this size enjoys such a large volume of returning customers who love the product and our team. This creates a word-of-mouth snowball effect, which is naturally an amazing position for us to be in.

Not all salespeople get to sell a world-class product, so I’m grateful that my team does. Today, businesses use dozens of different tools, and switching back and forth between them really hurts people’s productivity. Forecast has a major opportunity to support people in their daily activities and to shape the future of how we all work. We’re innovators in the space, with many happy customers, so I’m excited to ride the wave from here.

The amazing culture Forecast’s people have built is an added bonus. I get to work with sharp and driven teammates who have a thirst for knowledge, and I’m proud to learn from them every day.

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