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Why I Joined Forecast: Tom Shannon, Senior Director of Sales

Senior Director of Sales at Forecast

Before arriving at Forecast I'd been working in and leading SaaS sales teams for almost 8 years. I've been fortunate to have joined businesses at very early stages and grow with them as they’ve built products to sell to different companies in different markets which has been a great experience.

Forecast piqued my interest based on the caliber of leadership in place and on inspection of the product, it quickly became apparent we’re building something that can genuinely change the way people work for the better.

What excited me about the future was the potential for combining an innovative product, a brilliant leadership team and a clear direction of the goals we want to achieve. Ultimately giving the team and myself a great focus and a picture of what success looks like. 

Day to day, I look after our awesome sales team of BDR’s and AE’s. We’re responsible for hitting the new business ARR targets and helping potential new clients navigate the sales process. We also work incredibly closely with marketing, customer success and product teams here at Forecast to help us do that. 

It’s been an exciting journey so far. From joining my very first calls I’ve been blown away by potential customer reactions to Forecast, our team's ability to communicate the value of the platform and the speed at which we’re launching new features people need. I’m thrilled to be able to grow this sales team with even more bright people that can move us forward. 

Outside of work, it’s been a busy year too. My partner and I got married, we’re doing up a house and starting to plan some adventures as the world opens up, so there’s a lot to look forward to in the months ahead.

If you're looking for a sales role that involves selling an exciting SaaS product and encourages you to bring "oomph" to your work every day, Forecast's might be the right place for you! Check out our open positions, and if you see anything that excites you, get in touch.

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