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Why I Joined Forecast: Amalie Kaysen, VP of Strategic Innovation

Amalie Kaysen, Chief of Staff

Update: as of September 2021, Amalie now takes an even more involved role in shaping the roadmap of Forecast as our VP of Strategic Innovation! Enjoy her post from 2020, when she joined the company as our Chief of Staff.

Despite the pandemic, I’ve been extremely fortunate to join the leadership team of Forecast as a Chief of Staff. Looking back at my experience, I must say that I’ve always had an inner passion for business and technology as they march together, which now led me to one of Denmark’s maturing startups, recognized as a Minicorn scaling up, growing at an extremely accelerated pace. So here I am, a few months in the new role, eager to share my journey and recommendations for everyone who’s up for new challenges.

A journey to becoming a Chief of Staff

Back in 2016, fresh out of my engineering studies where I had developed a strong interest in technology and business, I joined PA Consulting – a global management consulting house. I was lucky to have opportunities to follow my passion and worked on large scale IT transformations and projects in the private sector for some of the global Danish companies, most in the top 20. After three years, I felt a need for a change that could get me closer to the core of the business and allow me to work directly with business strategy and development. But not only that; I wanted to take ownership and responsibility and be part of the fast-paced startup world opposite to corporate.

I found my way to Forecast through my start-up network, where I was introduced to Dennis, CEO of Forecast. After meeting him and getting to know more about Forecast and its stage of the journey, I sensed a capable organization and team, with plenty of areas where I could see my skills fit – I knew this was an opportunity I could not pass up.

Often being the only, or one of the few females in complex project or work situations, I have always had a keen interest in women's success in technology and leadership. I believe that women have so much to bring to the table, and we should never be scared to be in deep waters. The fact is, we can swim better than we give ourselves credit for.

Amalie Kaysen

My personal mantra is doing what I like and doing it as best as I can. Yes, I know – everyone and their mother is saying that, but I need to like my job because I spend so much time doing it. And being a competitive person, I need to challenge myself, and therefore I'm often in unprecedented situations, reminding me that as long as I push the envelope I cannot expect more of myself. It helped me to start a new position during the COVID-19 crisis, and move up the career ladder.

Why Forecast, why now

In essence, my role as CoS is cross-organizational. I work with the leadership team on strategy and organizational development and take on strategic projects that support the business and involve analyzing, optimizing, improving, and implementing mission-critical processes, structures, and systems. We are currently working on the strategy for hyper-scaling the business, as well as putting in the structures to make sure we can operate at scale as a global organization, with locations in several countries. 

I love that I get to work on the highest level of the business, helping to set the future direction, and making it happen. Forecast is at such an interesting time in our life cycle as a company. We are still small enough, so everything the leadership team decides to do has an instant impact, and I really appreciate having the chance to contribute to building a strong base for our impressive growth.

Also, the mission of the company to automate as much admin work as possible is near to my heart. As a former consultant, I understand the pains of administrative work Forecast is solving because I have lived through those pains myself. A staggering amount of project planning, resource management, time registrations, financial reporting, invoicing, and other repeatable tasks eat so much time, which is taken away from delivering valuable client work. These processes are key to improving operational efficiency of a consulting agency, or any business for that matter, and shouldn’t be left to their own vices. I really see the benefits Forecast provides for everyone, from employee level to management level, and I can contribute with my experience to make sure we continue to have the best in class product. 

I personally use Forecast for time-keeping and to-do lists, organized in projects. That way I can keep track of all my activities and have a placeholder for penciling in future projects and ideas. But that’s only a tidbit of what the platform can do. Forecast's AI puts the cumulative skills and learnings from hundreds of thousands of projects to work for every user, every day. It’s a high caliber product that automates like no other, and a frontrunner in the project-, resource management software and professional services automation categories. 

Forecast is aggressively hiring, so check our current career openings and come join us to shape a better and more profitable future of professional services. 

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