Drive project profitability by keeping the budget in sight

Forecast makes project accounting easy and flexible to suit your needs. The platform connects every part of the project data to generate a project budget that lets you monitor the cost, revenue, and profit.

Get transparency into the project financials

The flexible budget page allows you to manage the financial aspect of the project in one single view. The graphs visualize how the project is progressing according to the planned and actual cost, profit, and revenue. Drill down to disassemble the numbers and see what needs your attention upfront to drive better performance.

Monitor project financials with easy overview and ability to drill down (6)


Monitor billability & profitability in an instant

Whether you work with fixed prices or invoice your client on the go, you can monitor the billability of the projects. See, real-time, where you earn the revenue, what is costing you, and how you can capitalize on projects. By creating your invoices in Forecast you can spot how much has been paid and invoiced.

Integrate with your accounting system

Align departments by connecting Forecast with your favorite accounting system. Create invoices in Forecast and sync them with the accounting department to allow them to follow the billability of the projects you are working on.

Forecast Accounting Integrations


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Keep your project financials in sight with a flexible and connected  budget solution. Made especially for project-based companies where time is money.
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