Different Hunger Media Increased Service Margins by 15% with Forecast

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Consulting Agency
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New York, NY
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2-10 employees

Different Hunger Media is a consulting agency and lifestyle brand that helps digital agency owners scale and take more vacation day through systems and automation.

Time and profit optimization using Forecast

Before using Forecast, Digital Hunger Media was using various tools, Trello being the main tool for project planning. They found that it was hard for the team to create resource projections and obtain accurate data and reporting with their campaigns and projects. 


As a brand, we make it clear that time is our most valuable asset. It was essential that we improved our tools & technology as our team wasn't effective with the software tools we were using. I was very excited to find that Forecast is the one-stop solution for all things we were struggling with in terms of time and resource optimization.

- Matt, Founder

Forecast has improved Different Hunger Media’s ability to rapidly onboard and deliver results for clients, while profitably executing on internal brand projects and campaigns. Forecasting their core project management systems and processes has allowed them to optimize and improve their service margins on delivery week over week. 

Using Forecast, Different Hunger helped nearly double their consulting client's agency revenue while increasing service margins by 15% and reducing the business owners work hours from 60 to less than 40 per week. All of these results were achieved using Forecast over a 90 day term. With Forecast, Matt explains that Different Hunger Media is, “making sure that our existing structure systems and processes are efficient, that all of our projects, projections, and resources are leveraged properly.”

 Transparency and accountability for fully distributed teams 

The type of projects that Different Hunger Media run in Forecast range from client campaigns to retainer client campaigns as well as internal projects. With a platform like Forecast, the team has a complete overview of the business tasks and what needs to be done, connecting a global, remotely distributed team with operations in Silicon Valley, New York, Medellín, and South East Asia.

Internal processes and operations run efficiently with all their important information in one place. They’ve experienced the added advantage of improving task ownership of individual tasks within a team, which has allowed them to take on more work and create a higher preforming team. 


Forecast is a game changer and I've recommended it to all my agency friends and clients. 

- Matt, Founder

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Productizing and scaling with Forecast

Different Hunger Media has a dynamic team, and with the new addition of services, they have taken on new and exciting projects. Little did they know that they would have new service opportunities which would expand their company. Matt and his team were able to gain insights on how they were spending time within each individual project, their project portfolio, at large, as well as obtaining accurate costs of their projects. This data resulted in allowing Different Hunger Media to expand their offerings and increase their client lifetime value.


With Forecast, we managed to further productize our services by linking project activities to a concrete milestone, cost, and budget.

- Matt, Founder

Different Hunger Media’s project budgets are 60% more accurately calculated due to using Forecast’s AI engine, allowing them to become more profitable and scalable. Since using Forecast, they’ve not only been able to increase their client's profit and productivity, but Different Hunger Media has been able to further productize their services while increasing their own profit margins. 


Power your projects with AI and increase accuracy with Forecast

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