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11 - 50 employees

Jakt is a digital product and innovation studio based in New York City. They create digital products that solve problems through a mix of product strategy, business strategy, design, software development and marketing. Jakt is made up of a diverse group of thinkers, makers and doers with the passion and experience required to craft amazing products.

Forecast - streamlining every department

It is the start of the week and operations are running smoothly at Jakt. The last thing they need is a missed project deadline. However, they have nothing to worry about; they have an exceptional team and Forecast is helping them keep track of their work. Team leaders and the Head of Studio planning project allocations. Jakt's first priority is to make room for a healthy and innovative project with the right people for the job. In order to do so, they have chosen Forecast as their primary project planning solution.

Cindy, Marketing and Emerging Tech Strategist, was first introduced to Forecast during her company onboarding with their Head of Digital Studio. Cindy explained that Jakt has worked with many different tools in the past, like Asana, Product Plan, and Jira. However, never before has a solution like Forecast, been adopted with company-wide initiatives at such a high rate, every person in their office uses Forecast in their daily work lives. 

Forecast is not just a tool, but a way of working that helps Jakt manage our everyday operations from task management to project planning.

- Cindy, Marketing and Emerging Tech Strategist

Forecasting revenue with a clear pipeline

Cindy has especially benefited from being able to organize the task time for the people on the marketing projects. She can see on which tasks people are working. Everything is done in Forecast, including internal, and external partner projects. Cindy explains, “Using the forecasting feature and having that project tracking we not only know how much to properly bill our partners but we can forecast our revenue for the next month or two which is really important.” 

We live in Forecast.

- Cindy, Marketing and Emerging Tech Strategist


A central hub for all the important information 

As an agency working project-based and having so many people working on so many different projects, Jakt wants to avoid task confusion and miscommunications as much as possible.

Forecast working as the central hub where not only the time, the allocations, and the project management is occurring but the actual project lives in it, it makes it a lot simpler because things aren’t lost.

- Cindy, Marketing and Emerging Tech Strategist

That overview and the progress throughout the entire project is an absolute must for her and her team to succeed. Jakt has a company-wide initiative to always be better for their partners. Jakt wants their partners to feel good when working with them and they take great care and measures to make sure that’s fulfilled. “We want to make sure people feel good while working with us,” says Cindy.

Advancing and speeding up project planning

One not so simple way of accomplishing their company-wide initiative is to deliver projects on time. 

I think using Forecast internally is a life-saver. We have 12 different projects happening in Marketing, and they’re all running at the same time. It’s important to see where your hours are going; so when you look back later down the line, you can see where your time was allocated and correlate that with what kind of success your project had.

- Cindy, Marketing and Emerging Tech Strategist

Cindy sees the value of having a task level overview and knowing where the project hours are going. She credits precise time tracking with the success of the project, leading to overall victory for their partners.  Forecast has helped Jakt with project planning across their various departments, and Jakt’s departments and projects run like a well-oiled machine. They now have more time for what’s most meaningful- creativity and innovation.

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