SeaMonster Reduces Project Admin Weight Replacing 4 Tools with Forecast

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Digital agency
Seattle, WA
8 employees

SeaMonster Studios is a full-service agency, specializing in everything from web design and development to brand management and consulting. What sets it apart from other agencies is a unique storytelling approach that uses plain concepts and resonates with both clients and their audiences. 

As true SaaS enthusiasts, the management team at SeaMonster Studios tried a myriad of tools to perfect their workflow. At some point, however, they realized they had "a bit of a block within their systems and were spinning up too many tools to get the job done that didn't necessarily reflect on their efficiency."

With different systems to manage projects, track resources, and bill their clients, they had to flit from tool to tool to see the big picture. That's when Wes Buckwalter, founder, CEO, Creative Director and 'cat herder' at SeaMonster Studios, decided to reduce the toolset in favor of a more centralized solution. "Forecast has hit many of those nails on the head," he explained to us later.

We talked to Wes to find out what brought him to Forecast, the results he has achieved so far, and what has changed since replacing a bunch of tools with a full-suite platform. According to Wes, Forecast has helped him

  • Get better control over how everyone is spending their time
  • Bring all projects under one roof
  • Make smarter resource allocation decisions
  • Shift the entire workflow to agile
  • Reduce time spent on projects and become more efficient in their work
  • Put data into perspective

But don't take our word for it, check out how Wes unpacks his story in the video below: 


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