Group 39

Engineering Artificial Intelligence for Trust 

How to build confidence in AI by starting small. 

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On Demand
50 mins

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Group 39

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Expert Speakers

  • Dainius Kniuksta, AI Product Lead at Forecast
  • Soren Vedel, Head of Data & Analytics at Twill by Maersk
Free to attend

For anyone interested in learning how to better leverage AI. 

No tricky jargon will be used 😉

  • How to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to more traditional industries (including Project Management & Logistics)
  • Special considerations to make when working in more mature industries
  • The exciting space of AI in general today! 

Meet the speakers

Soren Vedel
Head of Data & Analytics

Søren Vedel is the Head of Data and Analytics at Twill, a digital logistics platform serving small and medium-sized customers. He has deep experience across most of the value-chain for AI as a data scientist, engineer, product manager and leader across several industries and in organizations at different stages of maturity. With experiences from both academic and industrial research, Søren is passionate about both technology R&D and product development. He tries to make both sides flourish while delivering solutions that provide significant upside to the users.

Dainius Kniuksta
AI Product Lead

Dainius is a tech enthusiast with digital product and platform management, strategy, development, team leadership, and ad tech / log tech / PSA focused Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning experience. Having spoken at multiple technology and digital conferences around Europe and Africa, as well as AI webinars hosted by Forecast, he is very excited for this conversation about engineering trust in AI. 

As AI Product Lead at Forecast he is steadily maximising the intelligent nature of our project management solution to benefit businesses around the world.