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Budgeting project proposals & finances

Scope project proposals with all your resources in one solution. Keep track of project finances and budget your time, expenses and internal costs.

Forecast users are able to gain a high-level overview that takes to plan and complete their projects on time and within budget. With budget estimations, have real-time insights on your initial proposal, current status, and any future changes to your budget.


Accurate budgeting

Report both billable and non-billable hours, and ensure that only billable hours go towards your project budgets.

Know the entirety of your financials 

Do your scoping and get instant insights into the project budget and price.

Expense management

Add additional expense items, manage and approve all items and keep everything in one solution.

Project and budget insights

Get instant insights into how your projects are progressing and how time entries influence your budget.

Portfolio financing

View the financial situation of your full portfolio and identify what needs your attention.

Create more profitable projects

Ensure you stay within your budget for profitability with rich data visualizations.


See that steady cash flow.
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Different Hunger Media’s project budgets are 60% more accurately calculated due to using Forecast’s AI engine, allowing them to become more profitable and scalable.

Matt K.
Founder & Head of Growth, Different Hunger Media

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Resources for Budgeting


Best practices of invoicing: 12 must-haves

Below, we will go through some steps to ramp-up your invoicing and billing process. We've also included an example of an invoice at the bottom incorporating some of the steps listed here to give you an idea of how a simple, personal, and well-structured invoice could look like.

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Expense reporting: The easy way to manage your expense Items

Manage all of your expense items in one easy and integrated flow. From submitting a new expense item, attaching a receipt, adding the markup, to having it approved by a Controller, and then reported. All within the same easy flow.

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A better way of budgeting - at task level

“That was really critical for me and I wasn’t able to find any other software, and trust me I looked a lot, and asked many people for advice and Forecast was the only tool that did what we needed it to do both in terms of managing tasks and to budget by task. So we were thrilled when we found Forecast.”

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