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One view for projects, tasks & deadlines

Know when tasks will go past deadlines and when to take action. Execute large project effectively without compromising on time, quality or budget.

Poor estimations are the main reason why 66% of projects are failing. With Forecast’s AI engine you can ensure precise estimations for your project from planning to execution.


Breakdown Tasks

Organize your tasks into manageable deliverables. See what needs to be worked on and prioritize tasks with simple drag and drop. 

Defined project scope

With our AI engine, you can master the scope of your project and have more accurate estimations of hours and costs.

Meet your project deadlines

With real-time status updates, detect when tasks will go over their deadlines well before the final hand-in.

Account for all dependencies 

Ensure tasks are completed in the right order by adding dependencies or prerequisites. Your team is aware of the task’s order of importance.

Have a view of everything

Monitor your project progress in a visual Gantt, Kanban, Sprint, and Calendar view.

Connect your projects

Have all your support projects connected and have the tickets displayed in a shared workflow, with a standardized flow.


Scope, run and execute.
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Having the projects more accurately estimated resulted in having more profitable projects for Message Medium."
Maisha W.
CEO, Message Medium
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Resources for Project Management


Utilizing the Statement of Work during your project

What is the point in spending time building a well-defined Statement of Work (SOW), if you don't utilize it during the execution of the project?

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9 steps to plan your way out of scope creep

Scope creep, one of the real challenges when managing a project. Often it hits you with a sneak attack, and before you know if it, your project is off-track and off-budget. In some cases, scope creep of one project threatens to throw your...

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Customer story: Gained business intelligence 

“I love the visual aspect... It’s almost like a business intelligence dashboard to me; it's not just a timekeeping system or project keeping system. Running an agency and having these insights at hand is really useful.”- Christine, CEO

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How do you manage your budget?

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