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Resources for people and projects

Know your resources and who is working on what with a comprehensive schedule with a monthly, weekly or daily view. Visually plan resources and balance the workload even with the complexities of having competing projects, demanding clients, sick leave, and vacations.  

Did you know that the average utilization rate for professional services organizations around the world is 77%? With Forecast, you can experience the power of highly utilized teams. It’s possible to increase 2 more days of billable hours per year.


Your pipeline on a Timeline

Have that essential overview of your projects and see what’s worked on, planned, and what’s coming up in the pipeline.

Have a multi-level view 

From a high level and zoom in view on your project timeline. See who will be on the project and for how long the tasks will take.

Support your decisions

Based on your available resources, know when to bring more people onto your team. Manage capacity and fully utilize your team. 

Role-based allocations

Check your team, see who’s available, and match unassigned tasks to make a role-based allocation.

Balance workloads visually

Drag and drop the allocation to fit the project capacity needs and balance out with the team’s workload.

Flexible Scheduling

Have a flexible allocation on either the project or a task no matter if it’s billable or non-billable time.


When it comes to projects, it's not just about Resource Management.
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"Now we estimate our time in Forecast to see if we have the manpower available."

Julia R.
Marketing Executive, Like.Digital

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Resources for Resource Management


AI-powered resource & project management - why it's important

What if you didn't have to worry about schedules and keeping your projects on-track? Sounds great, right?

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Task allocations in scheduling with use case examples

Task Allocations make it easy to find the right people for any Unassigned Task you may have- across your entire portfolio of projects. 

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Customer story: Able to sustain a highly utilized team

With Forecast, Like.Digital is able to validate business decisions by clearly showing the amount of resources needed for a project.

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