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Manage, prioritize and delegate tasks 

Provide your team with the confidence to accomplish their work.

Manually keeping various to-do lists up-to-date when there is a change or prioritization becomes unmanageable. With Forecast, everyone’s tasks and projects are in one place, and you have a full task overview. Have an understanding of everyone’s schedule, so you can efficiently manage tasks across project portfolios. 


Manage task workloads 

Delegate work by connecting tasks with your resources to know who has too much to do and who is available to take on more work.

Have more time for project work

Reduce time and efforts spent on administrative tasks and add value to your project by prioritizing what needs to be done.

An overview to anticipate future work 

Track and visualize task progress to have an at-a-glance overview of upcoming, in progress, and done tasks.

Manageable project work 

Make your team feel confident that they can accomplish work on time by breaking down big project deliverables into smaller more manageable tasks.

Prioritize tasks to meet deadlines 

Make priorities clear by adding dependencies so that tasks can be accomplished in the right order.

Keep track of your time  

Ensure your projects will be finished within deadline by combining tasks and time tracking.


Have all your work in one place.
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“Everyone in the team now knows what they’re doing before they’re doing it. We didn’t have that overview before.”

Jonathan M. 

Head of Technology, Adeo Group 

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Introducing Subtasks: Scoping, on Low Level

Subtasks are stepping up their game in the platform, no longer are they To-do’s little brother. Introducing scoping on a low level. A few cool things you can do with Subtasks.

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6 Tips to work more efficiently with Kanban Boards

Collaborate in teams? Do you like tasks prioritized? Work in Agile?  Forget about micromanagement, we've got you covered, and it can all be done from one view - Workflow. 

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Joint efforts aligned with more productive teams

“Over the years, I have seen that people don’t understand what tasks to do or when they need to be done, so having that scheduling part is really important for us.” -Gordon, Director

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How do you manage all your resources?

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