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A place to collaborate

Improve communication with your team and client by having effective collaboration on your project work.  See what you and your teammates need to work on to keep up with the project workload.

With transparent team collaboration, teams are aligned both on the big picture and on their immediate tasks. Now project managers can move beyond just controlling the project to optimizing it.


See all your work on a task view

Get the full history of every task. See newest updates, revisions, mentions, and code commits on a task to stay up-to-date.

Track your own work

Be in control of your own project tasks and report time on them.

Collaborate on any task

Invite your clients to work on a task, see revisions, and provide feedback for timely and accurate collaboration.

Have an overview of prioritized work 

Every team member can balance their workload within the constraints of the project’s deadlines.

See task deadlines in a calendar view

Connect Forecast to your work calendar and have all your tasks synced for quick reference to plan your workday.

Integrate and collaborate

Collaborate and Stay on Track from everywhere: at work, on the go, or on Slack.


Collaborate better with your team in one place!
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“There is an additional level of ownership that comes from team members being able to see and know how their work directly impacts the project’s time and budget." 

Maisha, W.
CEO, Message Medium 

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Maisha believes that it’s helped her team to have more ownership over exactly how the project is going to proceed. “There is an additional level of ownership that comes from them being able to see and know how their work directly impacts the project’s time and budget,” says, Maisha.

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How do you track time across different projects?

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