Forecast Features: Marcus Cooke, Director of Experience at Eclipse. 

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Forecast Features: Marcus Cooke, Director of Experience at Eclipse.

The next guest on CRO, Rob Massa's Linkedin Live series was Marcus Cooke, Director of Experience at Eclipse. 

Marcus started his budding career in web graphics and UI at 15 years old, then moving into coding PHP before heading off to Uni. Analytics and CRO at his first company allowed him to get stuck into data and this love has continued throughout his career. 

On the episode, Marcus goes into detail about his 'baptism of fire' starting his own agency Space Between, a software development house, with a couple of friends in 2015. The team had "a vast array of different client work" including a drone company doing aerial photography whereby Space Between used Google Maps API to develop them a website and portal for them to upload the photography. 

Space Between merged with Eclipse in 2019 and they have since worked with companies like ASOS, LegoLand and The Post Office. They are always thinking about the customer journey and 'want to make digital experiences beautifully simple'. 

Marcus adopted Forecast as the software for Eclipse earlier in 2021 as we had a more comprehensive offering. Alongside the ability to schedule, do project financials and invoicing etc we also have a strong 2-way sync with JIRA which updates very quickly. 

JIRA is used in many different ways by Developers and PMs and it can be very manual. With the Forecast x JIRA integration, we merge the data seamlessly giving Marcus an accurate view into internal costs and project statuses. 

This was a great conversation between Rob and another technically minded person in the wonderful Forecast network - watch the episode to learn more about Marcus and his relationship with Forecast! 

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