Forecast Features: Matt Nelson, Head of Operations at Holition

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Forecast Features: Matt Nelson, Head of Operations at Holition

Matt is Head Operations at Holition, a London based 'creative innovation agency'. The team manages all services in-house including market research, creative content design, technical R&D, AI and augmented reality. The agency works with global B2B luxury groups and Matt, being Head of Operations, ensures the successful delivery of quality services and products to their high-profile clients such as Burberry and Rolls Royce. 

Matt is Korean-American and has had a passion his whole life for Asian languages. Prior to a career in marketing, he worked for several years in Japan for the government, and in schools. Marrying a Brit eventually placed him in London, and has lived here now for over 8 years. It was fantastic learning how Matt came to find Holition, and started there as their only Project Manager in 2016 to now spearheading the operation. 

Holition is a long standing customer of Forecast and after watching this live episode, you should have a read of their case study with us where Matt outlines how Forecast solves 85% of his problems. 

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Rob Massa

Chief Revenue Officer | Host


Rob leads all of our commercial efforts at Forecast. He has over 15 years experience with high-growth B2B start and scale-ups in the software industry. He has built global commercial teams in both North America and Europe. Most recently with Wunderkind (BounceX) and Opt-Intelligence. He graduated with a dual Major in Psychology and Political Science from Syracuse University.

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Matt Nelson

Head of Operations 


Matt has had a really interesting and varied career, currently serving as Head of Operations at Holition. Holition is a tech agnostic innovation agency, delivering exceptional bespoke solutions for luxury, beauty and fashion brands helping businesses such as Rolls Royce and Tom Ford strengthen their digital and physical presence. Having started as the only Project Manager in 2016, Matt has been integral to building and maximising Holiton's client project function.