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How to ensure your agency growth matches your margin growth! 

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Forecast are proud partners of Pimento, the UK’s leading independent marketing & communications network for growing agencies! We’re thrilled that this months webinar was hosted by agency growth expert, Patrick (Paddy) Woods.

For an agency leader, there’s no feeling like knowing your teams have done an epic pitch and you’ve won against competitors.🏅 But growth in client work doesn’t always mean growth in margins. In fact, ensuring your margin growth and revenue goes up alongside your project work can be quite a complex process.

On this 45 minute session, we were fortunate enough to be joined by: 

  • Suzanne Linton, CoFounder and CEO at Freestyle Agency. 
  • Rob Dando, CoFounder and CEO at Finally Agency. 
  • Joss Ford, Founder of Enviral 

Paddy and the gang gave some phenomenal advice for agencies on maintaining healthy growth margins without relying on clients who are a dangerous % of your annual revenue. 

Think of your agency margins like a four legged table, if one falls, will it remain standing? 

As a nation, we are exiting a challenging pandemic and entering economic uncertainty... this panel offers some fantastic guidance on being successful even in these hard times.

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Learn more about our speakers:

Paddy Woods 

Director of Marketing & New Business

Paddy has spent over 20 years in the advertising and marketing industry covering a wide variety of roles. He has worked across agencies, clients, intermediaries and trade associations building in depth knowledge and insight into the industry both from a marketing and a procurement perspective.

He has delivered national advertising campaigns for NHS, MoD and DfE, developed the customer journey for British Gas Smart Meters, and advised clients like Coca Cola, Bacardi, Molson Coors, Unilever and Skoda in building better agency relationships. In the last eight years, he has worked with networked and independent agencies to build their marketing and new business capability, both in the UK and globally, successfully delivering growth and new client opportunities.

He is currently Director of Pimento Fuse, a marketing and new business consultancy, which supports agencies across all areas of marketing and new business to help them win more clients. He also heads up the new business and marketing function for Pimento.

Rob Dando 

Co-Founder & CEO of FINALLY Agency 

Rob is CoFounder and CEO at Finally Agency, an award-winning digital marketing agency specializing in the manufacturing and engineering industry, working to digitally revolutionize exciting clients like Kingsbury and Turbex. Since 2013, Rob has grown the team from 2 to over 20 people. In building Finally, he is proud to have brought together a team of experts who are each passionate about their niche skills, all working together on a mission to help manufacturers and engineers grow their businesses through the power of marketing and sales. He is a confident leader having actually streamlined and trimmed their client work mid-pandemic to reprioritise and focus on better avenues of work to fit the business. And it paid off!

Suzanne Linton

Co-Founder & CEO of Freestyle 

Suzanne is Co-Founder and CEO of Freestyle, the digital transformation agency that helps brands stay relevant by creating strategy-first solutions made for tomorrow. Freestyle offer a full service digital consultancy, insight and product design, to build better customer experiences and improve business performance.

Suzanne is a chartered accountant (who had to start her own agency to escape from the finance team) and a swimming Masters European Record holder, Suzanne brings her view on how a focus on building a strong team of individuals will deliver a great business result. Freestyle is 25 years old, going from the spare bedroom to converted barns, and over that time has had to evolve both its proposition as well as the way the team works together. Through growth and contraction and back to growth, Suzanne has built the team and culture of her dreams, and remained sane in the process.

Suzanne also now holds the title for Business Women of the Year 2022 👊

Joss Ford 

Founder of Enviral  

Joss Ford is the founder of Enviral, a purpose-driven brand marketing agency and certified B Corp which works with brands to create and communicate their environmental and social purpose. Joss has founded a full service-ethical brand + digital marketing agency with a passion for developing strong client relationships, creating impactful stories and ensuring sustainability is at the heart of everything Enviral does. 

An expert in Sustainability in Business and Communications, Joss helps companies operate more sustainably and transparently communicate their environmental messages through impactful campaigns.