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Growing Pains | How to Survive and Thrive During Fast Growth 

My business is growing!  🥳  Sounds great right? 

Of course it is, but with high growth, comes pain... In high-growth companies, the growing pains can be all too real. And if you aren't proactive about solving them, say hello to long-term problems that'll come back to bite you. 

Common issues: miscommunication, operational inefficiency and lack of visibility. But please don't panic, we are bringing together a fabulous panel of Operations and Project Management masters to outline their own stories and provide advice of how to navigate this time. 

Think of high growth like adolescence... unsure of exactly who you are, temperamental with a breakdown of effective communication. 

The good news is that every company has been through these pains and have learnt not just how to survive, but how to thrive.

Join Melanie Lawn, Chief Customer Officer and Agency expert as she hosts this panel discussion: 

  • Chrissie Bond, Operations Lead at Punch! 
  • Lindsey Reynolds, Senior Project & Operations Manager at Mirimar Creative Group 
  • Sophie Wooller-Dent, Director of Digital Transformation at Croud

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Melanie Lawn

Chief Customer Officer @ Forecast

Mel has been CCO at Forecast for five months - responsible for all things customer post sale. Mel joined Forecast due to her expertise scaling high-growth software businesses to acquisition or IPO. Prior to Forecast, Mel played a role in the growth and sale of Peakon for $700M. Mel is fully adverse in navigating aggressive change and pivoting teams to embrace and excel during change. Her career began in PR, marketing and brand agencies - the likes of Freud Communications and Text 100, therefore Mel also understands the grit that goes into agency life!

Chrissie Bond 

Operations Lead @ Punch! 

Chrissie heads up Operations at Punch!, meaning her role spans across all departments and workstreams. Her core focus is implementing scalable processes that maximise efficiencies alongside their fast paced organic growth, and broader FY21/22 M&A strategy. Punch! has seen huge benefits of using software that boosts team collaboration and transparency. Additionally, one of Chrissie’s key focus areas when it comes to growth is to minimise employee burnout with influxes of client work, always keeping company culture centre of mind.

Sophie Wooller Dent 

Director of Digital Transformation @ Croud  

Sophie is the Director of Digital Transformation at Croud, looking after the client facing technology and data teams and supporting Croud’s brands to unlock the power of digital marketing. Recruitment is a fast moving beast at Croud, in 2021, the teams grew by 100 people so she is central to the growth of the business, ensuring skill set and resource requirement is always top of mind. Sophie’s career began as a Senior Consultant at Deloitte and went on to centre around Finance and Strategy before starting at Croud in late 2020. She is an expert in navigating growth and empowering large teams succcess. 

Lindsey Reynolds

Senior Project and Operations Manager @ Mirimar Creative Group 

Lindsey has had a non-traditional path to agency leadership, bringing an exciting background of agency, in-house teams and tech innovation work, all which contributed to her entrepreneurial spirit. Lindsey now heads up People & Business Operations, whilst also overseeing Creative Projects at Mirimar, a rapidly growing entertainment & creative agency being built from the ground up. Made up of ex-agency greats, Mirimar has produced Emmy Award-winning work for an impressive list of clients that includes Klarna, Beats by Dre, Squarespace, and Gopuff. She has a passion for figuring out how to balance the importance of people & culture in a creative environment while still streamlining efficiency through data-driven process & operations principles—that's the fun part!