Connect Jira & Forecast to see the big picture

Promote visibility across people, projects, and finances. The two-way Jira integration ensures superior collaboration across multiple departments by syncing the smallest detail of each task.

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Automate project planning

Plan projects in seconds and get an airplane view of the entire timeline with resources assigned and delivery dates predicted. Achieve transparency into the project evolution with advanced Gantt charts and stay in complete confidence when planning future projects.

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Manage your bandwidth in real time

Get a holistic overview of everyone's workload and capacity.  Plan and even up the workloads to prevent bottlenecks. Keep cross-functional teams or multiple departments in harmony.

Total Utilization

Make stronger data-driven decisions

Get access to exclusive insights, never available in Jira, to maximize project profitability. With Forecast's intuitive report builder, you can generate customized real-time reports, allowing you to spend more time acting on data rather than collecting it in Jira.

Share Reports

Keep your budget on track

The budget tab in Forecast allows you to monitor the financial aspect of every project and prevents them from getting too far out of hand. Check cost, profit & revenue anytime and see how they progress over time.

Forecast Budget feature automatically calculated the project budget for you

Know where you're earning or burning

Understand where you make money or what is costing you more than expected. Uncover financial trends and where projects and resources can be run more economically. 

Company Financials

Unify teams across platforms

Keep cross-functional teams in the loop with real-time updates to every workspace. Facilitate collaboration by clearly communicating task deadlines and dependencies. Get everything done in Jira mirrored in Forecast and vice versa with two-way sync.

Workflow in Forecast

Add AI power
to the tools you already use

Forecast bridges your disconnected systems to centralize all project data for AI modeling, without the productivity loss of forcing a new interface and workflows onto your team.

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By integrating Forecast and Jira, we are able to get transparency across the entire project portfolio.

Jurij — Head of Development,
Nexus United

Get real-time visibility Jira is missing

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