Manage your distributed teams efficiently

Move project communication from conference rooms to one central location, making in-person meetings unnecessary. Manage remote work efficiently without sacrificing project quality and client relationships.
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There is an additional level of ownership that comes from team members being able to see and know how their work directly impacts the project’s time and budget.

Maisha Walker — CEO
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Align your remote teams on current and upcoming tasks

Share the timeline with your team, so everyone fully understands their role in the project. Provide a full overview of daily tasks, dependencies, sprint goals, week deliverables, and upcoming client requests.

Adjust projects plans with one click

Reschedule project plans whenever change requests from clients appear with Forecast’s Auto Schedule. Update the plan with the knowledge of who’s available and when you can deliver. All in one click.

When Change Request Come In Easily Auto Schedule To See How It affects
Resource allocation in a heatmap

Balance the workloads

Monitor allocations across the entire resource pool to spot who’s under- or overbooked. Set healthy standards of work and respect everyone’s time.

Keep everyone in the loop

Make sure your remote teams know what to work on and have a task list with priorities front and center. Reinforce context for remote work with task cards where every team member can comment, share files, and register time. Get everything related to the specific task in one place, including dependencies and subtasks.

Team time registrations

Know where your remote team’s time is going

Get a chrome-plated overview of time registrations. Forecast’s Team Timesheets allow you to see all your team members and how many hours they've registered on specific tasks per day and per week. Note that Forecast’s AI suggests the number of hours to help your team log time faster and spend more time on what they are best at. The data is further used to show you the true status of your projects.

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