Defective to Effective: Why Agencies Need to Transform their Operations to Enhance Profitability

2021 was the year that many agencies bounced back from the huge challenges of 2020.

New business. New talent. New opportunities.

But along with the positives, this added demand has also poured fuel onto the fire of long-term issues like efficiency and resourcing.

How do agencies balance delivering great work for clients and maximising profitability, while also ensuring they don’t burn out their people?

We surveyed 163 UK agencies to reveal what they believe are the biggest barriers to growth and profitability. The data we gathered provides key insights and actionable steps to take into 2022.

Read this exclusive report to discover:

  • How to avoid losing time through common operational inefficiencies 
  • The key data you should monitor to help prevent employee burnout 
  • Why simplifying processes is essential if you want to maximize profitability.