Forecast Features: Charlotte Collier, Head of Operations at FINALLY Agency  

'Forecast Features' series is a chatty and informal deep dive into Forecast's network of professionals. Listen live to hear about successes, wobbly moments and everything in between on the steps to success.

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Forecast Features: Charlotte Collier 

Charlotte spent the first 6 years out of university working as a developer for various businesses, sparking her love of the digital world. 

She has been at FINALLY Agency, a digital agency helping Engineering and Manufacturing companies grow for over 4 years. She has progressed through the ranks going from Account/Project Management through to Head of Operations. 

Forecast and FINALLY have a really strong relationship. The agency stumbled across Forecast nearly three years ago and since implementing our software they have been able to go from a chaotic approach to projects to having a clear, holistic view of what is going on. 

Using Forecast, FINALLY has been able to increase their billable hourly rates by 130%. Which is pretty epic!

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