About Forecast

Forecast, a global software company founded in 2016, is delivering an AI-Native Platform for Financial, Resource & Project Management.

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The Forecast AI-native platform is a system of intelligence that represents the most advanced technology ever applied to managing finances, resources and projects.


Forecast is the ultimate upgrade for any project team and organization. Our platform automates busywork, surfaces best practices, predicts outcomes, guides projects to success, and most importantly empowers every team member to do their best work. Technology doing what it does best, so humans can do what they do best.

Our mission is to unlock the power of intelligence, to help people do the best work of their lives.

We’re Forecast. Join us!



What we Believe

We believe our platform represents the most advanced technology in our industry, but it is the empowerment we bring to people that makes the biggest difference in reducing the time and money lost on projects today.

We believe our modern platform uniquely correlates task and resource management with project financials, enabling optimal company-wide decision making – all in one place.

We believe that our AI-native, always-learning and always-improving platform guides individuals, teams and companies to a state of best practices – with actionable insights that only powerful computing can deliver.

Culture & Values

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Direct & honest

We speak up and listen, driven by our Danish roots. We share our opinions directly and honestly with each other, and welcome healthy disagreement. We weigh an argument by the quality of the idea not stars on your shoulder. When a decision is made, we stand behind and commit to it, even if we argued for an alternative.

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Passionate & proud

We are a unique and diverse team, all united in our passion to help everyone do the very best work of their lives - by letting technology do what it does best, so people can do what they do best. We value simplicity and are proud of our personal contribution and dedication to changing the world; one project at a time.

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We are a kick-ass and caring bunch of people with a can-do attitude, driving us to solve problems. We push ourselves to constantly learn and evolve, knowing that the pursuit to be the best is an ongoing journey. We love having fun while building the most advanced technology in our industry.


27 days paid holiday
27 days paid holiday, excl. public holidays. We know that time to really switch off is crucial. Rest up and re-energise so that you can do your best when you’re back at work.

Free lunch
Catered lunch free or as close to free as we legally can provide as well as snacks and sodas. So you can focus on the job, not packing lunch.

Central working locations
All our offices are located downtown in their respective cities. Less transportation, means less wasted time, and you can easily grab a bite to eat after work.

Flexible & family friendly working
Your work and personal life shouldn’t be at odds, so we keep work flexible and family friendly, offering work from home time as well.

Social Events
Work should also be fun, so we host regular company wide events and get togethers. As we’re a global team we try to bring people together in one location at least once a year.

Learning & development
Outside of development plans and mentorship from your manager, you can also take advantage of your learning fund. We offer $400 annually towards achieving your professional development goals. Whether that’s conferences, certifications, training, it’s up to you.

Mac or PC
You choose your weapon of choice, so you can be as productive as possible, as fast as possible.

Careers at Forecast
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