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Hi there, we're Forecast!

We support companies, like you, by creating a solution that allows you to optimize your daily life. We work hard to build a fantastic product that helps our customers efficiently create more profitable and predictable projects.


Team Forecast




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The tale of Forecast

Once upon a time, 4 Computer Science students studying at the University of Copenhagen, saw a huge problem for companies that are developing and managing large and small projects. Companies often have c
onsiderable difficulties delivering their projects within budget, scope, and schedule.

66% of projects are not succeeding, and we don't seem to learn from our previous failures. Reason being, people tend to overlook the same mistakes, while their current tools are not helping them in making better decisions. Increasingly, businesses are swapping outdated yearly staffing budgets for a model that allocates funds based on a project-to-project cost. This means a project's outcome determines the hiring patterns, rather than the other way around. With this knowledge, the four founders came up with a unique software solution that helps to alleviate large and unwieldy projects.


Mission & Vision

At Forecast, through our vision and collective mission, we deliver. Workforce mobility drives the near future that will center on tasks, roles, and projects. 

The vast majority of work will be project-based, and speed is essential to survive. Companies cannot wait for team members to learn the necessary skills it takes to create the right results, from staying in the same company in the same position. 

Data amounts are spreading and increasing exponentially into more disparate systems, making consistency difficult. Companies must rely on technology to help us retain gained knowledge and use it to improve decision-making processes. 

Our vision is to ensure that everyone has 

  • full knowledge and makes the optimal business decisions, every minute of every hour.
  • an adaptable augmented decision helper that closely ties together people, business and technology using Artificial Intelligence (AI). 
  • eliminated all risk, wins all projects, delivers everything on time, and maintains the optimal use of people, work, and time. 

Forecast is the ultimate Professional Service Automation (PSA) core to run any project-driven organization!

Our Culture & Values

How we work

Globally minded!

Forecast thinks beyond borders! Our team consists of dedicated and talented people from all corners of the world. 

Execution is key

We value a self-starting and action-oriented attitude. That means all Forecasters are energetic initiators who share ideas. Teams work together, set goals and share our successes.


A Forecast team and team leader will always support other Forecasters to help them learn. We lead with collaboration, and every Forecaster takes their own initiative and is not micromanaged.

Grow together 

We always see room to improve as an opportunity- making what we do the best in the world. We ask for and act on candid feedback to continuously learn from both our customers and teams using Forecast.

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