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Nova is Forecast’s AI representative in the world, helping perfect everything.
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About Forecast

Forecast, a global company founded in 2016, has built an AI-powered project management software that augments project-based organizations with intelligent automation to predict the future, operate at maximum efficiency, and profitably deliver beyond expectations. 

Forecast's AI puts the cumulative skills and learnings from hundreds of thousands of projects to work for every user, every day.


Mission & Vision

Our goal is to build the best product that empowers people to create strong client relations. We believe that everyday operations can run smoothly, even with a full pipeline.

Forecast drives business performance by empowering people to improve the way they work. We support companies, like you, by creating a solution that allows you to optimize your daily life.

Culture & Values


Globally Minded

Forecast thinks beyond borders! Our team consists of dedicated and talented people from all corners of the world.


Execution is Key

We value a self-starting and action-oriented attitude. That means all Forecasters are energetic initiators who share ideas. Teams work together, set goals and share our successes.



A Forecast team and the team leader will always support other Forecasters to help them learn. We lead with collaboration, and every Forecaster takes their initiative and is not micromanaged.

Meet Nova, the ace up Forecast's sleeve

Planning and running successful projects all but requires superpowers.  Keeping your budget in the black means predicting the future, estimating the unknown, and being everywhere at once.  Not an ideal set of requirements for human beings, which is why we've handed that to Nova, Forecast's friendly AI.

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Amalie Kaysen, Chief of Staff
Rob Massa, Chief Revenue Officer at Forecast