About Forecast

Forecast, a global software company founded in 2016, is delivering an AI-Native Platform for Financial, Resource & Project Management.

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The Forecast AI-powered platform is a system of intelligence that represents the most advanced technology ever applied to managing finances, resources and projects.


Forecast is the ultimate upgrade for any project team and organization. Our platform surfaces best practices, predicts outcomes, guides projects to success, and most importantly empowers every team member to do their best work. Technology doing what it does best, so humans can do what they do best.



Our mission is to unlock the power of intelligence, to help people do the best work of their lives.

We’re Forecast. Join us!



What we Believe

We believe our platform represents the most advanced technology in our industry, but it is the empowerment we bring to people that makes the biggest difference in reducing the time and money lost on projects today.

We believe our modern platform uniquely correlates task and resource management with project financials, enabling optimal company-wide decision making – all in one place.

We believe that our AI-native, always-learning and always-improving platform guides individuals, teams and companies to a state of best practices – with actionable insights that only powerful computing can deliver.


We foresee the transition from manual data collection to intelligent learning from data, and invite you to join the journey in being part of that revolution.

Culture & Values


Care with Candor

We speak up and listen, driven by our Danish roots.

We embrace opinions and ideas from all corners, and encourage healthy challenge. Resulting in outcomes that speak for themselves.

We do this because we care about each other, and ultimately we are united by our common goal: setting both our customers and our people up for success. 


Forge the Future

We’re forward thinking, with data in our DNA.

Every day, we are inspired by what we are building together: an enduring company and product. Our vision for the future is the source of excitement that is present in all our work.

Every Forecaster is a co-creator, making a mark on the future of work.


Bring the Oomph!

We're a kick-ass bunch of people, but we don't kick people's asses.

Coasting along in the slow lane is not what we do, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. 

We treat every challenge as an opportunity to grow. But no matter what happens we boost each other, leave space to have fun, and celebrate everyone’s wins.



25 days annual leave (excluding public holidays), five Forecast Flex Days and an additional three days off during the December holiday period. We know that time to really switch off is crucial. Rest up and re-energise so that you can do your best when you’re back at work.


Private Medical Insurance

Medical insurance so you don’t have to worry when things don’t go to plan.


We offer pension plans so you can plan for your future and beyond, all including a Forecast contribution.

Paid Sabbatical

Once you reach four years tenure at Forecast, take a 3 month paid sabbatical break on us.

Annual Company Summits

We believe collaborating together is incredibly important, so we make sure to get our global team for our annual Oomphfest!

Stocked Kitchens & Lunch

Whether it’s our catered lunches in Copenhagen or our stocked kitchen in London, you don’t have to focus on packing lunch!

Central working locations

All our kitted out offices are located downtown in their respective cities - with plenty of things to do and see on the doorstep.

Flexible & family friendly working

Your work and personal life shouldn’t be at odds - we have a hybrid office/home model and flexibility with your hours.

Social Events

Run by our social committe FOMO, there’s always something on the calendar for you to choose to dive into.

Mac or PC

You choose your weapon of choice, so you can be as productive as possible, as fast as possible.

Careers at Forecast
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