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Get paid for the work you do

Report time on all the work you do and monitor the amount of billable vs. non-billable tasks.

With Forecast time tracking is not only about measurement and documentation of hours work, but rich insights also give managers the ability to monitor the team efficiency, employees productivity and if clients are billed accurately.


Overview all time registrations

Have an overview of your reported time on daily, weekly, or monthly basis and see if your time registrations match the plan.

Track task progress 

Keep track of your time and gain insights on Remaining, Actual, and AI-driven forecast estimations- visible on every task. 

Track time the way you want

Flexibly track and report time on a task or project level by using an automated built-in timer, or manual entry.

Add Notes to time entries 

Know what you worked on, and when, by attaching notes to any time entry.

See scheduled non-billable time 

Report on billable and non-billable time and see it represented in your schedule. 

Connect your accounting system

Track time entries in Forecast and integrate with your current accounting and invoicing system for full control of your projects.


Time track tasks the way you want.
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"The tool we used before didn't have any forecasting features our company needed. I really like the time feature because it is simple, fast, and intuitive to use. I can easily see my projects, tasks and enter my time all in one view."

Brian S.
Branding & Digital Marketing Director, Clarity Quest 

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Resources for Time Tracking


Why Time Tracking is Important for You - and Your Organization

When you know which tasks take up the most time, not necessarily the ones that need the most effort or bring the most gain, you can begin to reflect on whether that time is actually well spent.

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3 New features you may have missed

You can have multiple holidays calendars added to your account, but only the ‘Default’ holidays calendar will be shown in Scheduling. In Scheduling, holidays will show up as a block on the timeline under non-project time on each person in your People view. 

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Customer story: from Waterfall to Agile with Forecast

The estimating and time forecasting feature of Forecast was a significant benefit for their work process. “I think it’s a big market and you’re the only tool we could find to do that kind of estimating.” - Dominic, VP of Operation

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How do you plan your next upcoming task?

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