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Integrate Jira & Forecast if you want to empower your projects with the ultimate business management platform.
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Integrate Jira & Forecast for smooth collaboration and transparency across departments

Forecast is the best visual resource and portfolio management system for JIRA. With just one add-on, you solve the reporting issues on project portfolio progress, resource utilization, and financial accounting. The two-way synchronization enables easy collaboration across departments and becomes a single source of truth and a great way of running multiple projects at the same time.

With Forecast for JIRA, your people scheduling, project planning, estimation, time tracking, and high-level portfolio overview will always be synchronized with current development tasks and issues. Easily estimate and plan new features, and they will automatically be synced to JIRA so critical information is shared, and collaboration is effortless.

How it works

Connect your Jira & Forecast for seamless synchronization across tasks, team members, time entries, and even sprint plans. The projects you choose to integrate can be planned in Forecast and worked on in Jira and/or Forecast. It only comes down to where you prefer to work.

Sync Jira & Forecast

Scoping with a little help from the AI

Forecast’s AI eliminates day-to-day tasks for project managers by suggesting the right role match to complete the task and more precise estimates based on historical data. Scoping your project in Forecast and assigning your team members to tasks becomes way easier. Team members working in Jira are thus reflected in Forecast as virtual users, which works perfectly for planning purposes. The Schedule reflects their working hours and shows if they are over or under-allocated. When the project is scoped and approved by stakeholders, you connect it – or the other way around, with your Jira project, whereafter, team members working in Jira or Forecast can start collaborating and working on the tasks. 

Sprint plan & make sure you deliver on time

Plan your sprints in Forecast and see them reflected in Jira. The two-way sync enables transparency into every task where even comments, descriptions, and files are mirrored.

Collaborate across platforms

Make sure every team member – no matter what platform they prefer to work in are aligned. The two-way sync allows team members to collaborate on tasks, see time entries, and even communicate about the tasks. Everything is connected in real-time, so you don't have to play the messenger role between departments.


Collaborate in Jira

A holistic view of your project finances

Connect Jira and Forecast for a transparent look into your project financials. Easily monitor and track project progress and financial condition by looking at the planned vs. the actual cost, profit, and revenue. Time entries made in Jira or the tasks are shown in Forecast, which enables you to see how the project is progressing and allows you to always stay on top of your projects.

Follow the project budget closesly in Forecast eveything is synced with Jira data

Report real time & follow the roadmap

Quickly sort projects in your portfolio and monitor the projects you'd like to see or view it all. Monitor their progress in real-time, and drill down to get insights on specific details. Enabling you to see when to take in new projects and monitor the health of the project and company financials in just one view.

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