Salesforce + Forecast

Turn Salesforce opportunities into projects & stay on top of future work

Connect Salesforce with Forecast to align your sales department with your project management department. The integration enables you to turn every opportunity into a project, so you can plan your available resources and get the future project pipeline filled.

The integration is a great way to connect departments and make sure the sales team never sells a project without adding it to Forecast. This way the Project Portfolio Manager can coordinate and plan the teams’ time smarter whereas the management team can see the future project pipeline and how it ties with the financials. Every time a project has been sold and the lead has been moved to a specific column you’ve connected with Forecast, you see them reflected in Forecast.


Monitor where the lead comes from by looking into project settings in Forecast and jump into Salesforce for further information. The information you choose to link between the two platforms will be synced, whereas the project progress will also be visible in Salesforce, so you don’t spend time creating clients in two platforms.


If you want to know more, you can read more at the Salesforce AppExchange