Salesforce + Forecast

Connect Salesforce with Forecast to align your sales department with your project management department.
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Turn Salesforce opportunities into projects & stay on top of future work

Connect Salesforce with Forecast to align your sales with your project management. The integration enables you to turn every opportunity into a project, so you can plan your available resources and get the future project pipeline filled.

Use the Salesforce 2-way integration to reduce manual data entry, drive interdepartmental communications, align sales and project delivery teams, and maximize efficiency, operations, and project management across the pipeline.

With this integration, users can turn Salesforce deals into Forecast projects and accurately plan available resources according to win probability, sync important project information, and import client data to create a single truth for client records without updating multiple systems.

Deal activities can be imported as tasks and managed through Forecast for better team collaboration, while organizations can be imported as Forecast Clients to have one source of truth for your client records without updating client information in separate systems.

Note: this integration only works for Salesforce Enterprise Edition and up.

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