Google Calendar + Forecast

Watch deadlines and tasks to work on directly in your Google Calendar 

Track deadlines, see what needs to be worked on, and register time directly from your calendar. By integrating Google Calendar with Forecast, tasks created and assigned in Forecast will be reflected directly in the assignee’s calendar.

The task will appear as a small block starting from its start date and ending on the date set in Forecast. Thereby you and your team can always be on top of deadlines even though you haven’t entered the Forecast universe yet.

Directly from the event, you are able to open the trask, read the description, or register time. Using the iCal format, you can add your tasks to any calendar supporting this format.

Let team members see their tasks directly in their own calendar and click on them to enter time or read the description. Clicking on the task will take you directly to the task card in Forecast.

Book meetings directly with your team

Kickstart projects, tasks & collaboration by scheduling meetings directly from a task in Forecast. Meetings created on a specific task will include its description. Easy and efficient with just one click.

How does it work?

Assigned work in Forecast will show up in your Google Calendar. The integration lets you import all of your assigned tasks from Forecast into your Google Calendar using the iCal format. Tasks will show up as an all-day event at the top of your calendar. Using the iCal format enables you to add your tasks to any calendar supporting this format.