Pipedrive + Forecast

Integrate Pipedrive and Forecast for better visibility of your project pipeline in Forecast.
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Get better visibility of your project pipeline

Connect Pipedrive with Forecast to align your sales department and project delivery teams. The integration lets you turn Pipedrive deals into projects, so you can get better visibility of your project pipeline and more accurately plan your available resources. With the client import from Pipedrive, too, you can now have one source of truth for your client records without needing to update client information in separate systems.

Turn Pipedrive Deals into Forecast Projects 

When Deals in Pipedrive reach a particular stage, they’ll be created as Projects in Forecast. The Deal stage at which you’d like a Project to be created in Forecast is determined by you, as well as the Project status and win probability. As the Deal moves through each stage in Pipedrive, the win probability and Project status in Forecast will update automatically too.

Sync important project information back to Pipedrive

Once you set up the Pipedrive and Forecast integration, Forecast will create 22 custom project information properties in Pipedrive. As you start to plan out your Forecast Project in more detail, the project information properties (e.g. start and end date) will update automatically in Pipedrive. You can select which properties you want to see on the Deal view in Pipedrive.

Import your clients from Pipedrive

Import your Organizations from Pipedrive into Forecast, so there’s no need to manually create them and keep their information up to date in two different systems. Any changes made to client information in Pipedrive will update automatically in Forecast.

Getting started

If you're on a Plus plan, you can set up the integration from the Forecast integration catalog.

This integration is a great way to reduce manual data entry. It drives more communication between departments and ensures that operations and project management are across the project pipeline.