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Look months into the future

Have a bird’s eye view of the entire portfolio of finished, running, and planned projects in a fully populated pipeline. Understand the true status of delivery against the deadlines and how even the smallest bit of time has been spent. Know the capacity at your disposal to plan future projects and make informed hiring decisions. 

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Kiranan Luxmy

"With Forecast, we have time tracking in a system that connects with everything we are working on. As a result, our billable utilization has gone from an average of 40% to closer to 75%. And our developers are now at 91% billable."

Kiranan, CEO & Founder

"Forecast helps us accomplish easy budget management. We can know early on if a project is going to be unsuccessful, and take action right away. This year, we don’t have any unprofitable projects at all."

Bruno Afonso, Head of Customer Success

“Forecast has significantly cut down the amount of time that it takes me to plan a project. It has enabled us to plan out further in advance, and cut 80% of admin time. Without it, we would probably have to hire a whole other project manager!”

Inbal Ranan, Lead Project Manager

Deliver profitable projects

Make winning decisions and optimize future projects for profitability with a portfolio overview of your project finances and company-wide utilization rates. See the difference between profitable and submarginal projects and relate how different roles on the project affect the numbers. 

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