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Powered by AI, Forecast is supporting your work process with a complete Resource & Project Management platform. Connect your work, fill your pipeline, & meet your deadlines.


Know your resources

Gain a visual perspective of all your resources. Know the availability, capacity, and utilization of your team members. See who is working on what task, with Scheduling. 

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Know your projects

Connect AI to the work you do to mitigate risk and suggest better solutions. Deliver your projects on time with an organized portfolio overview. 

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Know your work

A collaborative workspace to accomplish your work more efficiently. Clear task management - know what you're working on and when your tasks are due.

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"I trialed around 7/8 different project management software over six months: The main problem was I needed both project management and resource management tool - which proved to be really hard to find. Although, finding Forecast dealt with all my needs - Projects are running smoother, and we can control the budgets better."

Gordon | Director of ADEO
Customer since October 2017


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Forecast works just like you and with the tools you already use. All existing information about your projects gets automatically synced to Forecast. 

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