Unlock actionable business insights

Get live-updated project data automatically, so there's no need to comb through spreadsheets to generate a report.


Make profitable business decisions

Improve profitability with the knowledge of how to become more efficient. Uncover financial trends and where projects and resources can be run more economically with Forecast's customizable reports. Accurately plan company growth and minimize risks by seeing how your planned projects affect your profitability.

“What we can see is a transparency around which projects exist and how many we have. From a top-down perspective there is a huge benefit"

Director, Business Applications & Architecture
Benjamin Sjögren

"Our developers are now at 91% billable. It’s a huge change that has made Grafikr a lot more profitable. We are a much healthier company because of it."

CEO & Founder
Kiranan Luxmy

“The level of financial reporting that we get from Forecast is far and above anything that I’ve seen in any project management tool that I’ve ever used."

Director of Operations
Allison Escott
reporting & analytics

Meet utilization targets

Grow the company with clear insights into where and how to improve your employee’s utilization and billability rate. Increase the efficiency of your teams, knowing what needs urgent attention and why. Encourage ownership within the team by giving everyone the data they need to do their job with excellence.


Monitor the success of your business in real time

Ensure the overall strategy and vision are being executed. Get a more accurate picture of success at your company with reports perfectly tailored to your business and processes. The platform uses planned and actual data to present you with real-time insights into project progress so you can spend less time collecting data and more time acting on it.


Integrate your tech stack

The AI-driven platform that brings all your data together to streamline projects, resources and financials.

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Powerful Features

The ultimate upgrade to delivering projects on time and on budget.


Time Tracking

Use AI-powered timesheets to register time and build a solid foundation for accurate reporting and forecasting.



Forecast provides users with the ability to generate invoices for projects and track payments on invoices.



Enable in-app notifications or opt to be notified by email. Get updates immediately or have them packaged as daily.


Resource Allocations

Stay on top of your resources, future demand and utilization of your workforce to save time and money.


Project Scoping

Plan out projects, determine and document the work required using phases, tasks, and deadlines, and view high-level information.


Story Points

Story Points provide a relative measure of how much time and effort is required to complete an individual user story.

What our clients say

The ultimate upgrade to delivering projects on time and on budget.

Investing in Forecast is a no-brainer for us.

It’s easier for us to spot inefficiencies before the scope and budget are way overboard and show people where we’re at.

Head of Operations, Holition
Matt Nelson

Forecast ensures we actually make revenue because the point is margin, right?

It’s super key and has uncovered significant losses prior to getting on the platform.

Head of Technology, steam commerce
Christopher Cowley

Hitting and exceeding our 65% margin goal was thanks to Forecast.

We have a much more accurate view of our margins, expenses and costs as they relate to our projects.

Director of Ops, Herman-Scheer
Allison Escott

Using Forecast my team has become far more profitable

The team doesn't go over budget anymore, and we see can foresee problems really early with our clients so we can have those conversations at multiple points.

Executive Producer, Grumpy Sailor
Crystal Rata

We grew our revenue and headcount by 50% and Forecast played a major role.

First time we’ve ever seen realtime, unified financial performance across all client work. Such a jump from where we were before, onboarding was quick, a lot of evolution for us.

Operations Director, Oxford Global
Andi Garavaglia

Forecast has freed me up from essentially being a full time resource manager

I'm now ahead of overall delivery and back to running projects. That’s because the system is so easy to use.

Head of Delivery, Hallam
Glenn More
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The ultimate upgrade to delivering projects on time and on budget.

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