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Customer Stories

See how companies, like you, are successfully managing project management challenges. Find out why our customers choose Forecast to help them accomplish their work more efficiently.  


Doing more with fewer tools

"Before Forecast we were experiencing a bottleneck because we didn’t know how many resources we had available for our projects” says Gordon, CEO of ADEO Group.

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Eliminating time consuming tasks

Clarity Quest cut their project quoting by 50%, and it’s no longer a time-consuming process for their agency. “I would say that our projects are twice as efficient in doing just the quoting process” Christine, CEO of Clarity Quest.

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From Waterfall to Agile with Forecast

The estimating and time forecasting feature of Forecast was a significant benefit for their work process. “I think it’s a big market and you’re the only tool we could find to do that kind of estimating.” - Dominic, VP of Operation

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Like Digital Office

Able to sustain a highly utilized team

With Forecast, Like.Digital is able to validate business decisions by clearly showing the amount of resources needed for a project.

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A complete solution for the creative agency

“Forecast working as the central hub where not only the time, the allocations, and the project management is occurring but the actual project lives in it, it makes it a lot simpler because things aren’t lost.” - Cindy, Marketing and Emerging Tech Strategist

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A better way of budgeting - at task level

“That was really critical for me and I wasn’t able to find any other software, and trust me I looked a lot, and asked many people for advice and Forecast was the only tool that did what we needed it to do both in terms of managing tasks and to budget by task. So we were thrilled when we found Forecast.”

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Productizing and scaling with Forecast

“With Forecast, we managed to further productize our services by linking project activities to a concrete milestone, cost, and budget." -Matt, Founder. Different Hunger Media’s project budgets are 60% more accurately calculated due to using Forecast’s AI engine, allowing them to become more profitable and scalable.

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CQ group table

Gained Business Intelligence 

“I love the visual aspect... It’s almost like a business intelligence dashboard to me; it's not just a timekeeping system or project keeping system. Running an agency and having these insights at hand is really useful.”- Christine, CEO

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Joint efforts aligned with more productive teams

“Over the years, I have seen that people don’t understand what tasks to do or when they need to be done, so having that scheduling part is really important for us.” -Gordon, Director

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