With the Quickbooks Online integration and Forecast, you can connect your project data to your accounting system seamlessly.

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Connect projects to financials

Enable the QuickBooks integration with Forecast to easily sync your data between both platforms, create invoices from Forecast data and generate real-time insights on how your finances are doing, reallocate resources based on data, and optimize your business for the future. Seamlessly connect your accounting system with your Forecast projects to ensure you get paid for what you do.

“Now that we have time tracking in a system that connects with everything we are working on, our billable utilization has gone from an average of 40% to closer to 75%"

CEO & Founder, Grafikr
Kiranan Luxmy

More about the integration

Send project data through Forecast directly to Quickbooks

Tie project proposals and invoices together in one system, sync customers and products, create and track invoices, allow users to register time and pass financial data from your Forecast projects to QuickBooks.


Instantly understand who can work on what and when

Proactively manage your entire team in real-time on one dashboard and anticipate future demand. Scope out potential project with placeholders and tentitive booking, and forecast demand based win probability.

Capacity & DEMAND

Maximize project profitability

Focus on more value-adding tasks to create happier clients with a real-time overview of the workload and capacity of all your resources.

Predictive AI

Adjustments use to take days, now they take seconds

Remove the guesswork with real-time insight and recommendations you can act on instantly

Powerful Features

The ultimate upgrade to delivering projects on time and on budget.


Time Tracking

Use AI-powered timesheets to register time and build a solid foundation for accurate reporting and forecasting.



Forecast provides users with the ability to generate invoices for projects and track payments on invoices.



Enable in-app notifications or opt to be notified by email. Get updates immediately or have them packaged as daily.


Resource Allocations

Stay on top of your resources, future demand and utilization of your workforce to save time and money.


Project Scoping

Plan out projects, determine and document the work required using phases, tasks, and deadlines, and view high-level information.


Story Points

Story Points provide a relative measure of how much time and effort is required to complete an individual user story.

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The ultimate upgrade to delivering projects on time and on budget.

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